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95 thoughts on “”

  1. Leopoldo

    Ano po ba yung mga MF na nagbibigay ng dividends, whether s
    tock or cash dividends?

  2. Mark Vince Mata

    Would it be a good time to sell my pldt common stocks at this point in time?

  3. Edmund Fagyan

    Sir Omeng,
    I have a few savings,200k php and I am retired.What is the best thing to invest in a short term period,Ex.6-12 months.

  4. Mark Kin

    I was stuck in step 4 to uplaod a short video, when i install, could you help me for this?

  5. Anonymous

    Ya. I really followed you sir Omeng, but its really hard to monitor my stocks and buying stocks specially i’m in a full time basis of my work. It could be beneficial if somebody in your company or in your trade company to monitor and do the buying of stocks for me.

    1. Hi sir,im new in stock and im planning to buy some stock but i got one concern,i dont really have time to monitor it all the time coz im busy with work and my family so what can you suggest for my situation sir?

  6. Anonymous

    8k is the sweetspot to buy shares that that would incur you the least percentage on charges. otherwise you can trade any amount you like, within specified boardlot

  7. Sir, yung 8k rule po ba is applicable din sa pag sell ng stocks at sa pag buy and sell ng mutual funds? Thank you

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