Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Review 2014

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Review

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  1. Lito

    Hi Sir Omeng, makakabawi p kaya ang NIKL dahil s issue ng pagsasara ng mga mining?

  2. Z

    I want to invest in stock market po and im planning to open an account sa COL. I dont have an idea about stock market so im planning po to join TRC for guidance. Should i have to open an account first before subscribing in TRC?

    1. Omeng Tawid

      Hi Z, that is better and I also recommend it that you have an account first in a broker before joining Truly Rich Club. However be mindful that TrulyRichClub has aloo
      non-stock market related components like its Wealth Strategies and other learning materials. You can check here for more info.

  3. Omeng Tawid

    Hello Leo, yes that’s common returns historically for long term investing.
    As to dividends, companies announce whether they have dividend pay out and you can be updated with it by looking at announcements in PSE website or in your online broker account.

    1. benjo

      Hi, is there any other fees aside 499 monthly as you mentioned when you joined TRC?
      my mind is set to invest in one year and expected to have returned, and wanted to use SAM. while i am starting to study and learn how stock market trading works. my main purpose is to have a profit / or return for a year for my wedding…cheers thanks..

    2. benjo

      follow up sir, in your own views and comments in a short period of time mag gain kaya ako ng sure profits / returns..kesa naman po kasi mag ipon lang ako sa bank for my wedding..thanks…

    3. Omeng Tawid

      Hi Benjo, there’s no other fee than the 497 monthly for TRC membership.

  4. Leo Rosa

    Hi, I am a mutual fund investor abroad, ave gain is 4-7%, inflation rate 1.8%, i not contented with my returns or gains. I would like to explore the PSE. 100k yearly investment,70% long term and 30 % short term investment. Does the big/great company stocks give returns/dividends/income at a certain period?, or they just grow in equity/value? Please give me advice how to allocate. Would 8-15% ave annual gain on so called best companies be feasible? Thanks

  5. Jiggy

    Since your also a member of truly rich club for sometime now, can you suggest a cheaper membership type for those na medyo nag ba-budget. For me personally, ang importante lang naman is ang stocks update.

    1. Nathan

      499 per month

    2. Ryan

      hi! sa truly rich club pwede ang 499/month tama po ba? thanks sa reply ?

    3. Nathan

      tama po. member ako.

    4. Omeng Tawid

      Ryan, that is for monthly fee, separate from your investment. Truly Rich Club is only optional and ideally for people who want to be spoonfed where to invest and have no time to study companies and market in general.

    5. Lance Siapno

      Sulit ba pag sali sa TRC? Thinking of joining since magbubukas din ako ng COL account. Thanks!

  6. Carlito Balmes

    Sir Omeng, tanong lang po puede q Ba pasabayin ang trading at peso cost averaging?

    1. Omeng Tawid

      Yes pwede naman, it’s all under your control.

  7. Cle Tabuzo

    Sir Omeng, if my 5k funds na ako sa COL, then let’s say bibili ako ng 20shares from a company priced 50.00, mas ok ba kung paisa2 ako bibili or madamihan na agad? Thanks!

  8. Jane Eliel A. Maramba

    Hi sir,
    Nakabili na po sa MEG and ALI upon reading your blog sabi nyo within 1week you sold your share ng MEG ang tanong ko po hindi po ba yun risky? Mostly nababasa ko just invest lang po what about selling?

    1. Omeng Tawid

      Depende po yan sa market trend (if up or down) and skills ng investor on timing. While stocks is best for long term investors, he can sell anytime pa rin naman if he wants.

    2. Gloria P. Legarde

      Hi sir. May I ask if do you conduct a seminar in Iloilo or Bacolod ? If you have a schedule please do inform me so that I can attend. Im very much willing to participate . Thank you so much sir.

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