Robert Kiyosaki in his best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad has consistently emphasized the value of financial education. He mentioned that people are taught in schools how to be an employee and thus work for money.
Students are taught how to build buildings and bridges and never how to build one’s wealth. In the end, the same people suffer because of a mere ignorance and lack of financial education.  They remain slaves of their work, helplessly exchanging their limited time for their equally limited income.
I personally take heart on those hard-working generous helpful people yet still finding themselves struggling in their financial life. If only they could understand the few basic principles of how money works, then they could have a much better financial mindset and stronger financial foundation.
I myself had to examine myself and check whether my thought and beliefs are supportive of the financial goals I have. After that I had to invest and educate myself and replace that non-supportive garbage with useful financial bits of info.
Once one has the financial foundation, the rest is simply following of steps to financial freedom!
Here I’ll be teaching you for critical financil skilles:
Smart Earning >> Smart Saving, Smart spending, Smart Investing, and Smart Giving.


or everyone who has debts, know the difference between good debts and bad debts. She advised to stop incurring debt to purchase non-essential things.

·         For our OFWs, she warned on reflecting whether sending money to adult brothers or relatives would only be encouraging dependence, instead of helping mold the family members in reaching their maximum potential
·         And for young people and professional, on realizing that their best commodity is time  and the power of compounding

I really hope that you don’t stop here. And that this only starts your journey to your financial freedom.

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