Your job and your ultimate treasure

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One day I told my officemate, “Congratulate me!”

And she said “Why?”
I replied, “Because I’m leaving the office early!”

Yup, that time was only few minutes after 6pm. It was a deviation from my usually late night-time going back home, which is usually past 8 pm.

My office is located in McKinley area, Taguig so I had to take an FX first to get to the nearest MRT station, which is Magallanes… only to be surprised by the very mega long queues of people at the mercy of helpless MRT operators.

The line is so long that it has already reached the ground down from the second floor!
I didn’t care at first thinking that I would just need to go to the South-bound lane and take a round-trip going to North instead.

But nah, it’s the same picture of long-line of people stuck on their places, waiting for the signal of the operator to let the guard allow entry to the station. The line has also extended down to the ground floor!

Now imagine you’re in that situation, hurrying to go home to give yourself a good rest, only to find yourself extending your work hours in that crowded place.

I really honor all those people who could persevere such an indirect torture. You see, one of my weaknesses (or strength) is not having that ability to wait non-sensely. I value my time dearly.
You know how impatient I get sometimes?

To the point that I would open a book to read while my laptop is starting up. HAHA

When I commute, I make sure I have a book to get myself rid of non-sense waiting while the train arrives and once I get inside. Sometimes, I treat myself with relaxing music instead when I don’t feel like reading. But in any case, I make sure I use my time wisely.

So going back to my story, after a series of going back and forth thinking which way to fall in line, I decided instead to go to the nearest fast food store and make this blog while waiting for the crowd to fade out. After almost two hours, I went back to the station, and true enough, it was far more convenient than it was during the jam-packed rush hour.

Killing the golden goose

Whenever I’m trapped in this hassle of commuting, I couldn’t stop myself asking why the government couldn’t start solving these kinds of basic problems.

I mean, hey, these people who take MRT/LRT early in the morning and early night are those who do have work now. They are the ones who need the basic things and services of the government to perform well in their job.

They needed to report early to work so they will remain to be working. They form a big group of the tax-payers from whom the government sources their funding, and the least that the government can do is to ensure that they have at least a convenient way of going to work and going back to their homes.

Not to mention the I-think-useless acts of the entrance guard in duty who will do nothing but to pinch your bag with their magical stick as if all its contents are revealed to them instantly with such tweaking. Arrgh.

Little did they know that the bag zipper I open every time I get in is not where I put whatever dangerous device I potentially bring with me. HAHA

Seriously, I mean, these problems have been there for the longest time and the public doesn’t see drastic improvements made by whatever government agency that’s responsible for that.

Sadly, the poor infrastructure and services we have is slowly killing the golden goose that lays the golden egg.

Why not invest in a technology that will help automate all of these and with much greater reliability? It could be a big investment, yes, but that would definitely have more rewards in the future while answering the present pressing needs.

I’m speaking for others

No, I’m not complaining now, just blurting out some areas for improvement. HAHA
I actually write this for others, a speaker for a big portion of our labor force.
I consider myself relatively calmer than the average, so I just think of how others respond more badly to this cruel way of treating our tax-payers.
You say ride a cab or take a bus?

It’s the same. You’ll get more embarrassed with heavy traffic along EDSA.
Many times I’ve heard that it’s sometimes the commuting part that makes the life of an employee terrible.

Just recently while going home, I’ve overheard inside a public jeepney (yes, I love eavesdropping) an employee of Sun Shop, Trinoma branch.
She said she has only two options where to go home after her shift at 10pm – either in Bulacan or Cavite. And she works in Quezon City! Gosh, talk about perseverance!

More personally, I have a close friend who works in Alabang and goes back home in Batasan, Quezon City, forcing her to undergo almost four hours a day of commuting time.
Imagine that, spending a sixth portion of her day along streets!
There could be something better than that!

The Costs of a Job

Oh well, just sharing one of my reasons why I really don’t see myself as an employee forever.
I love working hard. I love being with people. I love going places, so I can enjoy commuting, but not until I retire.

I know I can do better than going back and forth from home to office every single working day.
And so I’ll continue investing and working on that dream! That thought really thrills me!

How about you?
What does your job cost you?
Your personal dreams?  Your other advocacies? Your health?  Your relationships? Your time with your family? Your children?

Don’t let your job steal from you your ultimate treasure.

Have fun investing (for your ultimate treasure)!

PS:I realize that it’s much easier to blog when you’re in a public place like in Jollibee now. You don’t need to think. It’s cool observing people from different walks of life. You just chat down whatever you feel from these people and you’ll easily come-up with reality-based content.

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2 thoughts on “Your job and your ultimate treasure”

  1. Very eye opening post Omeng.

    We share the same sentiment in the PH Governments ineffectiveness in relation on how to better our day to day living but at the same time I also blame the commuters and other of our countrymen why we end up spending more time in the roads. There is congested traffic in Metro Manila because people themselves don’t have the discipline to follow simple rules to keep the traffic flowing.

    Though technology though can make life easier, a simple process that everyone follows to the letter would be better and cost effective. Back there in the Philippines most people just wanted to get ahead of everyone, that is a sad fact, when we could be more respecting simple rules and laws that govern a peaceful road.

    If only the masses truly behave, follow the right laws and rules, and act responsibly, Philippines could have been ahead of Singapore years back. And most of our kababayans need not go somewhere else to earn a living.

    That is why besides advocating investing in the Philippines I would also like our countrymen not to wait on the government to change but to start the change with their self first.

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