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Finally save yourself from stock-hypers and multiply your profits in the stock market!
The Winning Strategy Seminar 2015
A Fundamental + Technical Analysis Premier Seminar!

Join us on June 12 (FRI) at Max’s Restaurant – Quezon Avenue from 9AM-6PM, claim your financial freedom and find out how to use the best of both worlds – Fundamental & Technical Analysis – in multiplying your profits in the stock market .

Joining with us is Mr Ricky So as our partner speaker.

Ricky So, CIS, RFP® has 27 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is currently an Independent Financial Adviser at Rampver Strategic Advisors. Prior to this, he held various positions at Philam Asset Management, Inc., the last of which was SAVP, Head of Training. Ricky was a Portfolio Manager at Queensland Tokyo Commodities, Areas Sales Supervisor at CIGNA Worldwide, Sales Department Head at Imperial Commodities, and an Account Executive at Onapal Philippine Commodities.

Ricky So at ANC On the Money

Ricky is very active in the financial services community, using his expertise in training financial professionals. Most recently, he is a Lecturer on Managing Equity Portfolio for the Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM®) Program, Training Faculty for RFP Philippines, Portfolio Management Lecturer for AIM-EXCELL Strategic Investmet Management Program, Stock Market & Technical Analysis Lecturer of Global Investor’s Center Philippines, Founder and Facilitator of PAMI Investment Clubs, and Lecturer at the Investment Company Representative Certification Seminar.

Ricky So at ANC On The Money

An Accounting graduate of Lyceum Northwestern University, and with earned units at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Ricky is also an SEC-licensed Commodity Futures and Forex Solicitor, SEC Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS), SEC Certified Securities Representative Eligible, and Registered Financial Planner (RFP®)

Program is as follows:

Part I – Fundamental Analysis

  • Understanding Macroeconomics & Philippine Economy
  • Doing Top Down Approach Analysis
  • Making the Business Cycle Work for You
  • How to do Company Analysis
  • Drafting the Investing Style Fit for You

Part II – Technical Analysis (TA)

  • Description & Benefits of TA
  • Foundational Theory
  • Identifying Support and Resistances
  • Dow Theory’s Six Principles
  • Understanding Charting
  • Basics of Charting
  • Chart Patterns & Formations
  • Continuation Patterns
  • Reversal Patterns
  • Trending System & Oscillators
  • MACD, MA, RSI, Stochastics, DMI
  • Price Volume Analysis
  • Portfolio / Trade Management thru TA


Part III FA and TA combined – Creating your stock screen system

Demo’s and Seatworks with actual price graphs will make sure that you’ll be able to apply right away whatever you’ll learn in this seminar.

Expect loads of discussion and illustration too.

Special Sign-up Bonus
Once your seat is confirmed, you’ll also have exclusive access to our Investing in Philippines Private Mastery Group to help you prepare yourself more for the topics (days before the seminar itself).

It’s a compilation of materials, lessons, articles and tools that will be your friendly buddy in your financial journey.

And you will have a two-month access to that.Any additional helpful learning I’ll have in the future will also be added there, which means you’ll also get to have the lessons I learn myself from my other mentors.That way, you can also prepare your questions beforehand.If you think you’re not yet ready for this seminar, this will solve your problem.

Didn’t have the chance to attend the previous seminars? This is your chance to get access to the learning materials for those seminars contained in the mastery group.


Post-seminar follow-up!

You’ll also be part of our exclusive facebook group where you can ask your follow-up questions in your application of the lessons.

No more worry of info overload for you since Ricky So will check if you’re doing it right in the next 30 days!

Ask your own question

It was worth it!


So register now to reserve your seat.

To register, send an email pinoyinvesting@gmail.com for reservation.
Have your payments from until June 4 (extended!) and you can avail of Early bird fee of 2997.
Have your payments after June 4 and you have the regular fee of 3497.

Bring a buddy and you get the 2497 each discounted fee!

You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:

Account Name Romer Tawid.

BPI Account # 4339300157
BDO Account # 006960030969
Metrobank Account # 6363636082407

Once done, please confirm your payment here.


Stop being lost and a victim!

So if you’re lost WHAT stocks to BUY, and WHEN to buy, this will help you come up with your own strategy…

If you’re lost what the seasons of the market are (Santa Claus rally, January effect, sell in May and go away, ghost month), when to avoid or get in the market, this will uncover it all to you…

If you don’t know how to use the loads of researches you get from your brokers, this will make the analysis easier for you…


If you don’t know ideas like asset allocation and risk management, this will give you a good night sleep…

Finally protect yourself from bola-bolang hypes on forums you see and learn how to ride the bull run we have.


you also get guided in the months after how to use the lessons!


you get exclusive access to our investing mastery group where you get to see other investing principles & lessons that have worked over time.

Lessons like…


  • Common mistakes in investing
  • How to make money in a sideways market
  • How to know if a stock is expensive
  • Tools in your trade
  • and so much more!

And those are just bonuses!!

Limited seats only!

Don’t delay.
We have limited slots only.
We don’t want to reject your reservation because we’ve reached the maximum number of participants.

The fee will already cover your lunch and snacks with free-flowing coffee to keep you awake. But more importantly, this small investment will be your golden ticket and opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your network while taking charge of your finances for the rest of the year with all the info in store for you.

See you there!

Have fun investing!

Omeng \(“,)/


PS: Few slots left!Email your reservation to pinoyinvesting@gmail.com now.

Early bird discounted fee of 3497 2997 ends this June 4!

You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:

Account Name Romer Tawid.
BPI Account # 4339300157
BDO Account # 006960030969
Metrobank Account # 6363636082407
Once done, please confirm your payment here.

PS2: Are you ready to lose 10k in your investment? Don’t let the same thing below happen to you!

losng 10k in philippine stock market investing

Save yourself from losing thousands by learning proper investment principles, which you can use for a LIFETIME!

Find out how to use the best of both worlds – Fundamental & Technical Analysis – in multiplying your profits in the stock market .
Early bird fee of 3497 2997 ends on June 4 so secure your slot now and enjoy this big discount!

Bring a friend for 2497 each discounted fee!

Email your reservation to pinoyinvesting@gmail.com now.

PS: To do proper trading, you need to equip yourself at least with the knowledge about Technical Analysis.

If you want to know how to use and maximize the charts and technical guides reports you see on your brokers, Bloomberg, ANC, and other news channels to make wise investment decisions, you need to learn fundamental + technical analysis.

Learn how to recognize chart patterns and signals to buy and sell stocks and know how apply it in your trading decisions and make profit in a volatile market.

Email your reservation to pinoyinvesting@gmail.com now.

How to win in Philippine stock market

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