For those asking when to start investing…

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A note I found moons ago… When will you begin investing?

Photo credit: Will you start now, or will you procrastinate?

AGE 18 TO 25

“Me invest? Are you kidding?I’m just getting my education. You can’t expect me to be able to invest now.I’m young and I want to have a good time. After all, I’ll be in college for a year or so. If and when I get out of college, I’ll start investing.”


AGE 25 TO 35

You don’t expect me to invest now, do you? Remember I’ve only been working a few years. Things will be looking up soon and then I’ll be able to invest. Right now, I have to dress well in order to make a good impression. Wait till I’m a little older. There’s a plenty of time.”


AGE 35 TO 45

“How can I Invest now?I am married, have children to care for, I have so many expenses in my life. When the children are a little older, I can start thinking about investing.”


AGE 45 TO 55

“I wish I could invest now, but I just can’t do it. I have two children in college and it’s taking every cent and more to keep them there. I’ve had to go into debt the last few years to meet the college bills. But that won’t last forever, and then I can start investing.


Age 55 to 65

“I know I should be investing now, but money is tight. It’s not so easy for a man my age to better himself. About all I can do is hang on. Why didn’t I start to invest 20 years ago? Well, maybe something will turn up.”



“Yes, it’s too late now. We are living with our eldest son. It isn’t so nice, but what else can we do? We have Social Security, but who can live on that? If only I had invested when I had the money. You can’t invest when there is no income.”

Will you start now, or will you procrastinate?

Have fun investing (while you can!),

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