What is EIP and uncommitted shares column in Citiseconline (COL)

Last updated on July 8th, 2014 at 05:26 am

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What is EIP and uncommitted shares column in Citiseconline (COL)
Here’s a feedback question from one of our readers regarding Easy Investment Program (EIP) investing strategy of Citiseconline (now COL Financial).

Hi Sir, kamusta?
I have been following you thru your FB page since few months back. I would like to personally thank you for unselfishly sharing Your knowledge about the stock market.

Malaking tulong po lalo na sa beginners like us. I am actually a member of truly rich club also 🙂 and have started investing in the stock market last may2011. 🙂

May question lang po ako, baka masagot nyo ako about column ng EIP SHARES and Uncommited shares. Initially EIP talaga ung mode of investment namin, but since member kami ni mister ng TRC ni Bo S, may times na bibili kami ng stock kahit hindi pa schedule ng monthly EIP namin.

Napansin ko na may option to CLICK “EIP” dun sa terms, pero minsan nakakalimutan namin i-click, kaya napansin ko hindi malalagay sa EIP SHARES yung mga binili namin, Tanong ko lang if ok lng ba yun? Kahit wala sila dun sa EIP Column? Ano ibig sabihin ng uncommitted shares? Salamat in advance. GODBLESS

Here’s the reply:

even if di sya napunta sa EIP column, it should be the same so no problem with that.
treat EIP as more of a label lang to help you track your EIP strategy, because you can actually see how your average cost moves with this strategy.

but with or without it, the value of your total portfolio is not affected by this labelling.

Secondly, uncommitted shares simply means number of shares na hindi mo binebenta (meaning walang pending sell order sa kanya)
so for example may total 1000 shares ka, then nag put ka ng isang sell order with this stock na 300 shares, then that 300 is considered committed. the remaining 700 is uncommitted.:)

hope this helps.

thanks for your kind words!
may the good Lord and God bless you more!


Have fun and millions investing!

– oMeng 😀


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4 thoughts on “What is EIP and uncommitted shares column in Citiseconline (COL)”

  1. Marlito Baquereza

    Hello po sir! Gaano po kadalas dapat ang pagbili ng shares? Kahit po ba nakared yung corresponding percentage sa isang company e pwede paring bumili po? Thanks po.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello po Sir,

    Itatanong ko lang kung ano po ba ang ibig sabihin kapag may NO TRADE na nakalagay sa isang company? At kapag matagal na itong ganito ibig po bang sabihin hindi ka na makakabili ng stocks sa kanila or mabebenta ang shares mo sa company na yun kung meron man.

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