[Tutorial] How to Place Your Buy and Sell Stock Orders in COL Financial

Last updated on May 6th, 2020

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60 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to Place Your Buy and Sell Stock Orders in COL Financial

  1. Cams


    Paano naman po if instead of Bid price yung kukunin mo is yung ask price? same procedure lang po ba? but this time mas mabilis? And with regards po sa board lot, fix po ba yun? or may chance na magbago din sya?


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  3. Sharon Lynn Dela Torre

    Hi Omeng. This tutorial is sooo easy to understand and is really very helpful for newbies like me. I was trying to download a copy but couldn’t… Grateful if you can send a copy of this ppt presentation to my email please so I can follow it step-by-step when I place my first stock orders. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. grace

      Hi. Whats the difference between Trade and Mutual Funds? And saan mas maganda mag invest? Thank you.

    2. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Grace, you cannot compare it. Mutual Fund is an investment instrument. Another investment instrument is stocks.
      To Trade means to buy (and later sell) an investment instrument – meaning you can “do trading” with both stocks and mutual fund.
      You can learn more about difference of Philippine mutual funds and stock market here.

  4. hero

    pwede po bang to be followed nalang ang bank account, gusto ko na po kasi mag open ng account sa col financial.

  5. samantha

    kung long term investor po ako sa colfin, paano po ang pagbili ng shares? same process lang po ba or kailangan palitan yung day, gtc at atc?

  6. Richard casin

    Sir ask ko lang po need bang may account nko sa bangko bago ko ipasa yung form ko sa col finacial gusto ko po kaseng mag try mag invest slamat po

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Richard, you should have bank account, dun kasi ilalagay ang money po pag ilabas mo na sya sa stock market

    2. Joanne Abalos

      Sir Omeng, any bank po ba? or do you prefer anything? Meron po akong BDO at metrobank Sir.

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  8. Hanna

    Sir Omeng, do I have to wait for days before po mag reflect sa COL account ko ang money na i’ve deposited? I’ve deposited 5k to open a starter account last week. I really wanted 25k to be my initial investment. So I deposited 20k today. How many days po will I have to wait? Also, how do you determine the bidding price?

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