Top 4 Aircon-Buying Tips

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In a tropical country such as the Philippines, staying cool throughout the year is a general concern. This is why many individuals consider an air conditioner an essential home appliance. Commonly, an air conditioner or aircon—as most Filipinos refer to the appliance—can be found in the bedroom of most households for a comfortable sleep. Many may also be considering getting another unit to cool the other spaces, particularly those used for working or studying during the day.

An air conditioner is a sizeable investment, whether you’re getting one for the first time or adding a unit to another space. Thus, before making any purchase, you have to carefully assess all factors that can affect efficiency and performance. To ensure you get the best deals when shopping, here are some aircon-buying tips you can follow:

Check the Installation Requirements

You have plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re planning to buy a unit online or from a physical store. Ultimately, your choice will usually boil down to either a window type or a split type aircon. To know what suits your needs, you must understand the requirements of installing different types of air conditioners.

The most common unit is the window-type air conditioner. For this, you need a window or a rectangular hole in the wall large enough to fit the unit. This is simpler to install compared to the split-type aircon. Also, the window-type unit is more affordable because it does not require an additional installation cost. Since all parts are contained in one unit, maintenance is easier as well.

On the other hand, a split-type aircon is best for spaces that don’t have any windows or for people who don’t want to cut a large hole in their walls. It’s also more efficient when cooling down larger spaces. This type of aircon comes in two separate parts: one installed indoors and another outdoors. The unit you will see inside your home contains the air distribution and filter component, while the one outside has the compressor and condenser. Unlike its window-type counterpart, a split-type unit requires installation by professional technicians.

Measure the Room’s Floor Area

Before you buy an aircon, make sure to measure the size of the room where you want to install the unit. This will give you an idea about the amount of horsepower you need to effectively cool the space. Horsepower (HP) is the unit of measurement to determine the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. If you place a unit with less horsepower in a large area, the aircon will need to work harder to reach your preferred temperature. Meanwhile, you’ll be wasting energy if you choose an aircon with high horsepower capacity in a small room.

In case you’re not sure about how much horsepower your room needs, here’s a quick guide to give you an idea: for a space that’s about 22–25 square meters, you will need a unit with at least 1.5 HP. If your room is smaller, a 1 HP air conditioner will do. In larger spaces with a floor area of 41–54 square meters, you need a unit that has at least 2.5 HP.

Look for Inverter Technology

When buying a new aircon, your electricity bill should be part of your budget consideration. As such, you need to take into account the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. For more savings, look for a model with inverter technology.

Inverter technology uses variable-frequency sensors to regulate the speed of the compressor’s motor. Once the set air temperature of the room has been reached, an inverter aircon slows down the compressor, saving energy and refrigerant.

In comparison, non-inverter units only run either at full speed or not all. This start-stop cycle becomes repetitive and can consume more energy, which can increase your electricity bill in the long run.

Watch Out for Special Deals

It’s always a good idea to check out any special deals when purchasing any type of appliance, including an air conditioner. One of the best ways to do this is to ask dealers if they have special offers for specific units or brands. You might be surprised to see they are offering more than a year of manufacturer’s warranty. Some brands also offer free cleaning services for up to two years for some units, while others are willing to forego the installation fees if you purchase certain models of a split-type aircon.

Another option is to browse the websites or social media accounts of appliance stores and air conditioner manufacturers to know when they will hold a sale and special promos.


For many Filipinos, an air conditioner is an expensive but essential purchase. This is why when you shop for one, you need to carefully consider your choices and make sure that what you’re buying matches all your needs. Explore different brands and models to see which one has the best features.

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