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Fees, Risk-Reward and Strategies – Investing in Philippine Stock Market

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“I’m planning to put 30k this week…”

This is one of the comments I received in one of my YouTube video.

Nagtatanong sya san daw ba OK i-invest ito.

You see, the problem with our stock market now is it’s easier now for anyone to join the bandwagon of investors.

It’s not necessarily bad for our country…
It’s actually very good.

But when these people have extra cash in their hand but were not given enough guidance & proper foundation, they have this DANGEROUS tendency to dive-in deep down the market without their needed “oxygen”.

Una, they will earn a little.. and earn a little more..
They think they “got it” na.
Soon they become confident and go ALL-IN ..
and that’s where the disaster happens!

WIPE-OUT portfolio.

Good bye hard-earned savings/retirement funds. 🙁

So to help upcoming newbies,
I created a new learning video summarizing core investing lessons every investor, newbie or not, have to know.

From cash management to risk-reward assessment up to portfolio management.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg from my 10 years of investing in our stock market.  Very basic yet practical.

Access the video here.

And use the lessons in your investing lifetime.

Have fun investing,

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