Secrets to a lasting wealth: Top 3 Big Things You Need to Change to be Wealthy

Last updated on May 8th, 2014 at 11:36 pm

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I am reading now the book  Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. This is roughly two years after I completed its first part Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Kiyosaki’s books are those type of readings that make you flip through the pages without you noticing it. Its style of a perfect blend of story telling and reality check is one of its strongest points, not to mention its unique bringing to the table some unconventional advices.

Books are powerful, we know it. 
But what is is a thousand times more powerful and authoritative than books?

It’s the book-reader.

Be ready when a book-reader talks to you because for sure, what comes out of his mouth is already a summarized, delicately filtered information based from several books that has nourished his mind. In that sense, a book-reader becomes a precious gem,a fountain of information that’s rare to be found.

And with books that has changed my life, I realized that there are three essential big things new investors has to face eventually down the investing road. If you’ve been investing now, you might find it easy to relate and agree. If you’re just starting, at least you’ll have an idea of what you’re going up to.

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First, you need to change your mindset.
Here’s my belief: Investing is more as a mindset first before techniques.

Especially with the strategy I have, I see investing  more as a conditioning lifestyle than a trading adventure.

If you know my story, the first reason why I was poor is that I was trapped in a set of beliefs that were unsupportive of my goals. 

Worse, I was not even aware of it. It was only when I switched on that supportive beliefs that I finally told myself to be in-charge of my finances.

When I made that decison, it was like seeing the world in a totally different perspective.

It unlocked lots of doors and choices, opportunities and freedom, dreams and aspirations.

I never felt similar freedom before at that time. And I was happy having that crossroad in my life. 

If you want to have better chances of winning in life, make sure your inside world matches your projection of the outside.

Second, you need to change your spending – of all your resources – time, talent and treasure.

The moment I had that central beliefs in place, the rest of the way was purely mechanical – finding and pursuing ways how to achieve a perceived dream.

Obviously, pursuing one’s dream entails some cost. A form of paying some price.

For all of us, it’s time, talent and treasure that we have.

I later on learned that one has to be decisive and intentional in using these three gifts we all have.

It’s good to point that your spending should at least move you even a bit closer to one of your dreams.

When I was starting in the stock market world, I took a whole day training on Momentum Trading that’s worth 5k.

Gosh, it was not easy  for me to pay that amount that time. I was a fresh graduate then.

But through time, I started to witness how important learning is in this life.

I remember taking the RFP seminar last year that costs a whopping 28k.

I also joined an online marketing program. It’s almost 20k.

Then just recently, I bought another online training that is worth 15k.

Don’t be too impressed.
I’m not that rich. In fact, I had to really adjust to cover those expenses.

The nice thing is that I find learning in itself an enjoyable experience.
If there’s one best thing that money has added in my life, that’s the ability to have the type of learning I want. Afterall, that’s what really makes me happy – knowing something new each time.

Buying a new book each month is how I treat myself.
Now, I have several books lined up in my shelf and scattered on my bed giving me the luxury of picking them up whenever I want.

How you spend your time and talent similarly has to be aligned in achieving your goals.

They key is to note that there are so many times when we spend so much of our resources to have the things that do not really contribute to our ultimate longing.

This calls for some honest self-examination – of lifetsyle and habits.
Take a look at your typical day and you’d find areas of wasted resources that could have been poured out into something more worthwhile. The importance of focus comes next into the picture.

The third big thing in your life that you need to change is…
wait for the next post. =)

Have fun investing (and changing for the better)!

PS: Ikaw, what change in your life did you have when you were starting investing? Share it to win it.

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