this investor has 40 months row in profit

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In this post, I want to introduce you to another top popular investor in global markets, none other than Olivier Jean Andre Danvel.

The nice thing about Olivier, who is based in France, is he had more than 40 consecutive months in profit since inception.

Yes that means 40 straight months of green growth of his portfolio.

He is a professional investor and one of the top Popular Investors now in eToro in a matter of copiers and AUM (assets under management).

No doubt why as of October 23, 2020, he has almost 1.2 MILLION followers and 8960 copiers (that’s tiny investors around the world who automatically copy his trades)

Olivier Danvel’s investing Strategy

In terms of strategy, he is a swing trader and usually trades currency pairs while maintaining a low-medium risk strategy.

If you’re the number analytical type, below statistics contains his actual performance.

If you notice, his winning months is 100.00%. Never a month did he lose money.

His annualized return so far is 11.96% (Compare that with the interest income your money earns while sleeping in the banks).

Below shows his most recent performance.

His goal is to reach 1% a month.

Don’t be fooled by the “small” 1%.
(If you compound, that becomes really huge over time).

Of course, merely showing absolute performance is not enough.

So below chart in turn shows his performance against the US market index S&P500.

What does it tell you?
That while the whole world has dropped because of the COVID-19 virus, his fund growth remains intact.

Amazing, right?

This is one reason why I loved this idea of Copy Trade & Popular Investors (PI).

Small investors like you and me are given the freedom to choose how to grow our money from A LOT of options with little effort from us.

Unlike in local mutual funds in which we only have very few options,

this PI feature allows us to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the excellent trading skills of able people from anywhere around the world.

All we have to do is look for them inside the platform and copy them.

But that is not yet the fun part.

Olivier is just one of the many investors or traders whose trades you can automatically copy.

If you wish to check out other people’s stats and consider copying them, you can explore and discover Popular Investors on eToro.

You still have the final say

The best thing is, you still have full control of where your money goes..

You can either still do your own trades if you want, or
You select another person you will like most based on their track record and set to copy their future trades.

And you can do exactly like that at zero additional cost.

On eToro, you can allocate some funds to copy the performance of these Popular Investors using the CopyTrader™ feature if you are not doing so already.

Imagine your money, instead of sleeping in banks now, having the opportunity to have the same growth with close to zero effort from you.

Of course, there’s no guarantee here, but the consistency of their track record can really be a good basis on how to make your money work for you.

Just take note that Copying Popular Investors should be considered a long-term investment strategy, which naturally means taking into account losses along the way.

If you’re afraid of losing money, the risk score data of every PI can also guide you to filter those people who are very careful minimizing their drawdowns.

That way you minimize the loss in case the trade doesn’t go as planned.

For example, Olivier’s risk score is the lowest possible value one can get: 1 out of 10.

That means he is very careful when it comes to making trades and observe very strict risk management rules. His experience allowed him to exactly do that.

Lastly, unlike mutual funds we normally know of, which have a minimum holding period, copy-trading allows you to exit/cash-out your investment ANYTIME with no costly fees.

That means you can “sell/redeem” your investment at any time you see decent profits from your copied trades.

And again… you enjoy all these benefits without additional costs!

I know this copy trade idea may still be new to you,
so join us this week to learn more about how this works.

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That’s all for now.

Hope this helps you in these very challenging times.

Just let me know If you’ve got any questions.

While our local market slowly recovers, we continue to find other if not better opportunities available elsewhere.

Let’s not stuck ourselves in one option.
Let’s choose both.

Keep safe & happy learning.

Omeng Tawid

Jumpstart your finances and take advantage of the great times we have today.
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