ARE YOU READY? Things that change when you become an investor

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Below is another borrowed post from our facebook forum – Investing in Philippines Stock Market – Tips & Tricks.
 I‘m sharing it with your now thinking you can probably relate to most of them.

1. BEFORE, excited tayo pag weekends. NOW, excited pag weekdays!
2. BEFORE, pag sinabing shopping e ang tinutukoy ay damit, gadget at iba pa.NOW, we are talking of STOCKS
3. BEFORE, Spend muna bago magsave. NOW, Save bago Spend!
4. BEFORE, pag sinabing market o palengje e yun yung bilihan ng isda at iba pa.NOW, we are talking of stock market 🙂
5. BEFORE, wala tayo pakialam kung bumabagsak mga companies o economiya ng pinas. NOW, affected tayo sa mga news :/

I can personally relate to number one that I had a blogpost before highlighting that experience. [Read Investing may bring me to heaven]  
Check out othersbefore-now changes after turning into an investor. Click here!
What else can you add? 
Have fun investing (while changing for the better)!
PS: Below is our latest update for our stocks watch as of April 29.
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