I was 22 when I joined stocks. Do you think I did the right thing?

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Below is a interesting question from a young member in our forum. It asks about investing now and enjoying later.
I am 23 years old, I was 22 when I joined stocks. Do you think I did the right thing? Maybe in this group, all will say ‘definitely yes’ . But I don’t think so for those people out there na ka age bracket ko lng. I know I am doing the right thing, pero everytime kasi na nakikijoin ako sa mga gimmick with my friends e I felt like I was being out of place. Minsan inopen ko ang topic about stocks nung nag iinuman kami pero sabi nila ‘we are too yoing for that, ENJOY LIFE’ . Sa isip ko, I’m enjoying my life naman pero I don’t know kung naaayon sa age ko ang way ng pag enjoy ko nung life. Di ako kasi gaya ng iba na lage gumigimmick, once in two months lang siguro ako kung sumama sa shot session. Kaya yun. I am spending more time sa work and reading things about stocks and business. So, is there anyone out there na ka age ko at magkalapit lng ng age? Anu masasabi niyo?
Personally, I started investing when I was in the same age bracket – 21, that was year 2010. I have a friend who was also introduced to stocks investing that same time.
But the difference is, when I learned about it, I acted right away and went to open my online broker (which is really the most “difficult” thing to do in starting to invest because the rest can be all online.) I did it even if I was not sure of the next things to do. I just did it out of curiosity and not knowing what to do with my excess money. (You can read my personal story hereMy First Purchase in the Stock Market)
Now, more than two years later, that same friend of mine just contacted me to ask for my help so she can start investing on her own. Finally! 
I wonder what pushed her to change mind and make that decision. I’ll ask her next time and update you.

Going back to the question, check here to get to know what other “older” investors have to say! 
Ikaw, ano masasabi mo?

Have a blessed and fruitful week!  
Have fun investing (while you can invest)!
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2 thoughts on “I was 22 when I joined stocks. Do you think I did the right thing?”

  1. Jackelyn Obillo Garcia

    ahhh. paki explain please… nose bleed

  2. Liz Mifa

    Me, I actually started at the age of 21, and I can say that, it was one of the best choices I ever made. Stocks is not for everyone who just wanted to invest coz u have to gauge urself first if u can handle the risk that comes w/ it. It would be good if u start early, but make sure that u have enough knowledge to play the game! 🙂

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