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If there’s one thing about investing that you should not ignore as an investor, it would definitely be the PRICE of your stock.

The price of a stock is like the summary of a story.

It captures everything that can affect the price movement – from truths, facts, stories, rumors and the subsequent human behavior, into a single consolidated quantifiable outcome.

Stock price sways as a result of two opposing forces –the buying and the selling side, which, in turn, can also dictate the resulting price actions the next trading days. You see, it’s actually a circular loop of actions and reactions.

As a result, it can serve as our main driver in evaluating the current situation of the market and managing our own individual stocks.

In short, prices (and other info you can extract related to it) can be the single main consideration in making all our investment decisions.

It, for instance, can advise us if the stocks we’re buying are overpriced for its value, or are selling at cheap bargain prices. It can also help us gauge how the price may move in the near future.

So here we’ll start a blog series of discussion about this crucial subject, which will cover the following topics


I.          STOCK PRICE


c.    Price fluctuation


d.    Price Range




c.    Order Types




Hang around for this special series, and learn hunting those stocks at sale!

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