Stay Productive while Quarantined at Home with Security Bank

Last updated on November 1st, 2020 at 10:44 pm

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The pandemic has changed the way we live and connect with each other. A few months ago, we all went out for every little necessity and luxury without any second thought. Now, we cautiously schedule every errand as we limit our exposure to public places and ensure our safety.

Neither life or work stops despite being quarantined. Security Bank offers digital banking solutions and innovations that help its customers thrive at home, ensuring that their promise of BetterBanking is fulfilled.

Need to buy essentials? Security Bank has several debit and credit cards suited for every need and lifestyle. There are cards for new spenders, cash back lovers, future travellers, and frequent shoppers.

Need to settle bills? Security Bank Online (SBOL) has a long list of merchants, billers and banks enrolled in its system. This makes one-time or recurring payments fast and convenient, you will wonder how you lived without it in the first place. Did you know you can also settle SSS contributions using SBOL?

Need to make major payments like rent, tuition, or professional fees through bank transfers? SimplyPay allows Security Bank credit card holders to perform direct deposit transactions for free by using the credit card.

Need to send money? SBOL has InstaPay that allows users to transfer money to other bank accounts, whether it is to another Security Bank account or to another bank institution within the Philippines. And even if your recipient does not have an e-wallet or bank account, sending them money is still possible through eGiveCash–both offered free of charge!

Need to keep the kids inspired? Security Bank has partnered with 88Tuition, a Singapore-based learning lab built to make online learning fun, relevant and engaging. Exclusive discounts on all subjects await Security Bank card holders when they enroll. Security Bank is one with the nation in bridging the education gap as it has also teamed up with local education platform,

Now, are you ready to open your own Security Bank account? This has been made easier to do, too! With both your convenience and biggest concerns in mind, you can start your own Security Bank AllAccess Account with free life insurance of up to Php 3 million coverage through a Skype call with one of our Sales Officers. You can begin your application here.

Security Bank has set these remote solutions in place to help you stay proactive and productive.

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