the one and only thing stopping you to be rich is…

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Before the year ends, let me share with you my own journey when it comes to financial freedom,

This is a little personal but I chose to share it anyway hoping it may help you in any way,

As of now, I’m still working as an employee in an IT company as a twenty-something guy.

But it has been almost two years now that I never touch my salary as an employee.
The same with all my bonuses, like the 13th month, I never dipped into it to cover for my expenses.

I set them all aside to my investments.

Which means I can resign anytime from my employment and never worry again where to get money to live.

How am I able to do this?
Because early on, I decided to accumulate passive income that will sustain my normal life.

Of course, i had to learn first the importance of passive income,
which falls under the need of being financially literate.

But that’s going ahead of the story.

You see, I’m also just a normal person before striving to live a good life.

Six years ago, when I started working, I  became part of MRT commuters from QC to Makati then to Taguig.

Siksikan to the max!

But unlike the majority, I was doing something different.
I was holding a Nokia phone listening to an audio life talks.

While others were doing their own thing, I was like attending a seminar in a fine auditorium.

My earplugs removes the outside noise while I was evolving inside.

And so delays in MRT were a good thing for me, simply because I’m given more time to listen to those talks and learn more how to grow in life.

It’s a simple switch in what could otherwise be a normal routine, but those are moments which i know were shaping me.

And here’s what I realized later on: People has immense capacity to reinvent himself only if it is pushed by his circumstances.

You give people  NO CHOICE and he will find himself evolving.
He has no choice anyway so he starts doing things he wouldn’t do otherwise.

The problem is most people are too comfortable in their present life they always have the choice to just settle.

Even if they wanna grow, the pain in growing seems bigger for them than the kind of pain they experience in their present quality of life.

And so they settle.

But why do people choose to settle even if they dream of something bigger?

Many reasons, but here’s one thing i realized: people don’t work hard for their dreams simply because they don’t have an idea of what life could be on the other side

We have no idea of the possibilities, the possible returns and exchange when we start evolving ourselves.

The risk is just too big as it appears!

Which brings me to my second point:

That it’s very important that you have to reward and splurge for yourself from time to time.
Enjoy the journey , and discover the possibilities in the other side .

Discover something new.

Meet new people and keep learning and expanding your what-if’s.

Do crazy things that will somehow give you a glimpse of what could happen when you started acting differently, becoming more daring.

Eat in five star hotels, buffets, travel   regularly, help a cause, build something big for others.
Or anything that your heart really desires.

Only when one has even a real tiny glimpse of their dreams that they get the deep motivation to keep working on it.

Hey, have you  noticed, all the factors mentioned above are all under your control?

And so the only person stopping yourself to be rich is really none other than… YOU.

This 2017, I hope that you plan for something you really want.
And that you will have a real experience even of a glimpse of it and be  everyday motivated by it.

Have fun investing!

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  1. And sir, just wondering what those audio life talks you were listening to..I’d be more than happy to know and listen to any of them. Thanks for sharing!

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