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Hi future millionaire!
Another inspiring article from our friend Bo Sanchez, this time answering common questions regarding the Money Cost Averaging strategy.

Take note though that TrulyRichClub currently employs what it calls SAM – short for Strategic Averaging Method – which can actually be more rewarding than Money Cost Averaging technique.

Check this blog to have  a closer look on that SAM , and see how a very minor deviation from the Money Cost Averaging technique can largely multiply your profits.

In the meantime, enjoy this article!
Have fun investing! (With a simple strategy)
Grow your wealth through time


The Secret of Retiring Rich:“Money Cost Averaging”

Let me tell you a story.
Last week, I talked to my 80+ employees.
From managers to janitors. I loved it.

Because I don’t see them often.
You see, I’m a lazy boss. More importantly, I also have a fantastic team of leaders in the office.  So I get out of their way as much as I can.

Obviously, my staff was wondering why I was meeting them.
I took the microphone and announced, “I’m here to make sure that when you retire, you retire as multi-millionaires.”

You should have seen their faces.   Some were probably thinking if someone spiked my breakfast withshabu.

For the whole morning, I taught them how to invest in the Stock Market.

Janitors. Messengers. Clerks. Managers. Everyone.

Basically, I shared the stuff I wrote to you last week, “How To Be A Billionaire” and my Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too! (Note: I give this away to my TrulyRichClub members.)

But yesterday, I also was able to answer their questions.
I’m sharing some of my answers to you below.
Because they might be your questions too.

If you haven’t read my article yet, How To Be A Billionaire, better start with that first. Click here to go to How To Be A Billionaire

Now for those great questions they gave me…

Question: “My father lost money in the Stocks. How can I be sure I won’t lose my money too?”
Bo: Your father is normal. Statistics say that 85% of people lose their money in the Stock Market. Because they were trading. Most likely, your father was trading. But today, I’m not talking about trading the Stock Market. Trading means buying and selling stocks constantly, trying to “time” the market. That should be left to experts. I’m talking about long-term investing. Ten or twenty years. This is the right away of investing, and I’ll teach you how to do that.

Question: “Will my Stocks grow at 20% every year?”
Bo: No, it won’t.  For example: One year, your investments will fall by 20%.   The following year, it will rise by 30%. The next year, it falls by 10%. And so on. It’ll be a roller-coaster ride. But if you put tiny amounts of money every month over a ten or twenty year period, the average growth will most likely be 20% per year IF—and that’s a big IF—you follow the simple money-cost-averaging strategy I’ll teach you.

Question: “Is that realistic? 20% average growth?”
Bo: Stock Market Analysts didn’t pull this figure out of thin air. They base this projected growth on past history. They backtracked 20 years ago. This is what they found out: If a person invested small amounts of money every month in top-notch, solid, great companies, the average yearly growth was 20%. That’s the power of money-cost-averaging.

Question: “What is money-cost-averaging again?”
Bo: Investing small amounts of money each month over a period of ten to twenty years.   Only in great companies.  Money-cost-averaging is the secret of the wealthy.

Question: “You tell me to invest in great companies. But I’m not an expert. I don’t know if a company is great or not.”
Bo: I’ll tell you what these great companies are.  In fact, I already wrote a list of these companies in my Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should Too!  Stock Market Analysts study all the companies in the Stock Market. That’s all they do the whole day. I simply pass this information to you.

Question: “But don’t great companies also go bankrupt?”
Bo: Some of them do. But that’s why analysts watch these companies like a hawk.   If you’re a member of my TrulyRichClub, I’ll send you my monthly Stocks Update. Through my newsletter, I’ll warn you if you need to stop investing in a particular company, sell your shares there, and invest in another company.

A Company Of Multi-Millionaires
After my talk, it was pretty noisy.
Everyone was talking, asking questions, and filling out application forms.

My 80+ employees were filling out theirCitiseconline application forms, asking help from one another.  (Note: Citiseconline is our preferred online broker. They’re the best. They also have a “missionary” goal of helping “smaller” people learn to invest.)

I also instructed Weng, my Chief Accountant, to offer the entire staff “automatic salary deduction” each month—so they won’t forget.   This is voluntary of course. But many took the offer.

I thank God I’m the boss. I can do things like this.

I told them, “When you retire from this company, you’ll get the usual retirement pay employees get. But don’t depend on it. Because it’s very small. It won’t last. But if you invest the way I’m telling you to invest, you’re creating your very own Retirement Fund. Even if you just invest P2500 a month, you may end up having P5M in 20 years.”

That day, my 80+ employees went back to their work happy. Very happy.Because they’re taking charge of their financial future.

Now here’s my question: Are you?
I pray so.

Bo Sanchez

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  1. I noticed that COL's FV computation is higher than the intrinsic value I had computed for the same stocks in their fundamental analysis table. I'm not sure of their basis, but I guess they had looked into other charts to determine that value. I usually use RSI to give me the signal (market psychology) if there is fear or greed. Petron is a growth stock & I hope to profit from this. Jollibee is already overvalued.

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