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Hey millionaires!
I listed below some links to the most helpful posts and tutorials in this blog for your easy reference.
If you’re just starting, this can also be a good page to help you see the whole picture of investing.
Now if you’ve been reading my blog for some time, help me help you better.
I’d  need your inputs to come up with new posts/tutorials (whatever) that you think will be helpful for you. Do me a favor by answering this quick survey – one question and you’re done.
That’s it for now!
Enjoy the stock market while it’s down.
Focus on your job – your purpose – your family.

Remember that stock market is simply a tool.
You’re investing because you have a goal – not because you want to do in-depth analysis of companies or be an expert in value investing (unless you really want to).

Unless you’re full time into this, better direct all your efforts in increasing your income.
Make the stock market simply as multiplier of that income.

Remember to assess if you’re SET to investing:
S – ize of fund     E – expertise      and T – ime.

Again,never lose sight of your goal.
Bawal mawala! 
Have fun investing (with the end in mind)!



  1. When Should You Start Investing?
  2. Costs of Trading in Philippine Stock Market- How much will you need for your first order?
  3. How to Choose Your Stock Broker?
  4. How to Survive (and Make Profits!) from a Market Going Down
  5. Look for the MONEY in the Philippine Stock Market
  6. Regular (25k) vs EIP (5k) Opening Accounts of CitisecOnline – What’s the difference?
  7. The Board Lot Table
  8. Stock Computation Tool
  9. Stock Prices in Stock Market
  10. Odd Lot and Main Board Lot – What’s the Difference?
  11. PSE Trading Hours – When to post your stock orders?
  12. The Difference Between Investing & Trading


  1. [Before you invest] Begin with the end in mind
  2. How to Open A Trading Account in COL Financial (Citiseconline)
  3. How to Withdraw Funds from Your COL Financial Account
  4. Placing Your Stock Orders in COL Financial
  5. Trading Hours – Philipine Stock Market
  6. Understanding Investing in Philippines Stock Market Tips & Tricks – Watch Guide
  7. Fundamental Analysis by COL Financial
  8. Technical Analysis by COL Financial
  9. Technical Analysis by COL Financial Part 2


  1. Is it Possible? How to Earn Even with Falling Stocks?!
  2. Simplify all the analysis – Easy Investing with Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)
  3. The Easy Way of Investing – Peso Cost Averaging
  4. The Four Rules of Making Millions in the Stock Market
  5. Why you should follow COL’s Easy Investing Program – EIP

Tips & Tricks

  1. Four Signal Alerts for New Investors… and What You Can Do!
  2. Investing in the Philippine Stock Market – Tip#1: Have your reserve cash
  3. Using Tip1 – Have Your Reserve Cash
  4. Investing in the Philippine Stock Market Tip #2 – Make your transaction worth at least 8k
  5. TIP 3 – Easy Monitoring of Transactions with COL Financial Online Stockbroker

 Personal Sharing

6.      My wealth journey


  1. An inspiring story – Are you Lola Penny or Lola Pilar?
  2. Bo Sanchez’s Maid is now a Millionaire – Now It’s Your Turn
  3. How to be a billionaire
  4. People In Their 30s And 40s Fear Growing Old Without Money
  5. Secrets Revealed – How to Retire Rich


  1. How to increase your cash flow – The Phases of Financial Life
  2. Life Recipe – Investing in the Four Ingredients of Life
  3. Surprising Bonus – Investing may bring me to heaven!
  4. Your job and your ultimate treasure

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