How to Survive (and Make Profits!) from a Market Going Down

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First, here’s a quiz for you.

Let’s say Mr. Buffet has P100/month to invest.
Given below three market scenarios, which one do you think ends up doing better?

Esep-esep. Bawal mandaya. 
You’ll know the answer at the end of this post.

Now, here’s an update to our Stocks Watch Guide.
If you need more explanation on how to understand the terms and figures and how to use this to your advantage, click this link.

Newbies today are lucky to have this table.
When I was starting, I didn’t have this helpful guide that could give a summary of recommended stocks  I could choose from and their current situations. What’s better is that this is totally FREE.

If you’re thinking of subscribing to a newsletter only to receive long-term stock picks, I suggest you dump that thought. Instead, just observe the stocks in the list above and add instead your subscription fee to your investment fund. You’d save yourself an expense doing it that way.

Speaking of subscription, below is an update from Truly Rich Club. It talks about the added advantage of its SAM strategy – on being antifragile.

Do You Have Antifragile Wealth? – How to Survive and Profit from Black Swan Events
Many people are getting scared.
Why? Because our stock market has gone so high, some are now telling others to withdraw their money from stocks and put them back in banks. Because they fear a stock market crash.
I don’t believe there’ll be a crash anytime soon. But even if there’ll be one, if you follow SAM and the TrulyRichClub system of investing, you’re “antifragile.”

That word comes from Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan. In that book, he says that most of the important events are unpredictable. For example? When a president gets assassinated.Or when an overpriced stock market crashes.

In his newest book, Antifragile, he says that instead of trying to predict these catastrophic events, we can make ourselves THRIVE through these catastrophic events. Analogy You know that a vase can fall and break into a thousand pieces if an unpredictable event like an earthquake happens. So why not become a stuffed teddy bear? Why not become antifragile?

Good News: The TrulyRichClub’s SAM or Strategic Averaging Method makes us antifragile. Because our investing is (1) long-term, (2) monthly, (3) exclusively in giant companies, (4) with very important buy-belowprice and target-prices, PLUS we will (5) warn you (to the best of our abilities) when we believe there are signs of the stock market overheating…

You’re incredibly antifragile.
Yes, TrulyRichClub members are stuffed teddy bears.
(That’s why we’re huggable.)

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Just some lessons for you today.
Have fun investing (with less worries and fees)!

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