You’re invited to Philippines Stock Market Outlook 2013

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You’re invited!
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This coming January 19, 2013, we’ll be having our Philippine Stock Market Outlook 2013! It will be held at Max’s Restaurant Gateway from 9AM-1PM.
But this will not be your ordinary market outlook event! I personally designed this one to cater to almost all kinds of market participants without sacrificing the substance.
This half-day session will include the following:
I. A Talk on Personal Finance Planning

This will make the event relevant not just to experienced traders but to beginning investors as well. I personally noticed that many newbies are delving into investing in equities right away without the proper guidance at the start!
For instance, a good start is to set aside first your emergency fund before building your investment portfolio. But many are not aware of it.Some are even considering borrowing money from banks just to invest!
Now we want to avoid all those kinds of blunders!
Thus the first talk will remind us with some practical rules in personal finance in the context of investments.
What are the prerequisites before investing in stocks, what are the other instruments available, what is investing in the first place? Questions like these will be addressed.
Mr. Ricky So, Certified Investment Solicitor and Registered Financial Planner, will handle this one. At a personal level, he was one of our lecturers in the recent financial planning series I completed and conducted by RFP Philippines. I specifically admire his balance of theories and experiences.
A short summary of his qualifications is shown below:
* Trainer since 1990 in financial services marketing particularly investments.

* Exposed in sales management in the financial service industry.

* Practiced financial planning since 2001.

* Engaged in stock trading since 1988

* Engaged in public speaking and forums since 2003 in the areas of financial planning, technical analysis and attitudinal topics.

Technical analysis, training, marketing and general financial planning.
You can also watch his latest guesting on ANC’s On the Money in this YouTube link.
II. Stock Market Recap & Outlook

This section is the part relevant to almost everyone! 
Here we’ll cover 2012 Market Review and have some highlights, and an outlook of the market this 2013.
What do we expect? What are the prospects? What are the factors we’re seeing to affect the market? What’s the impact of the coming national election? Those are just few of the questions to be answered.
This will be handled by Mr Bobby Mendoza who’s a full-time trader himself. He’s guy  very in touch with the Philippine stock market! How in touch? Just check his FB account and all you can see are Philippine stock market-related figures and updates!
In 2012 alone, he has participated as an attendee in 52 stockholders’ meetings and 10  investors’ briefings! As a full-time trader, he currently manages the funds of his family and shares his knowledge through the regular publication of Philippine Stock Market Highlights and occasionally dabbles into business journalism as an output of his research.
III. A Closer Look on Some Approaches/Strategies

Now this third talk will give you guidance into your possible next steps! 
You see, I don’t want you to finish and leave the seminar room without any single clue as to your possible next moves!
Here’s an observation. In almost all online forums you’ll see a lot of scattered words about what you can buy or sell, but personally I am not a fan of it!
Because most of the times you’re given incomplete data making them short-term tips and not well-planned strategies!
This part will give you the whole picture and the importance of having a plan.

Here we’ll see a closer look on our speaker’s recommended model and do an analysis of it.
We’ll also take a peek at COL Model Portfolio and Truly Rich Club’s SAM recommendations (Strategic Averaging Method), and some approaches to a more active trading!

That way you can choose the strategy that suits you as an individual investor.
Who will handle this one? Watch out for that revelation!
IV. Q&A 12-1230

Finally, this seminar won’t be complete without your chance of asking your question. We’ll have a talk-show-like Q&A where you can throw in your question to the speaker of your choice! Of course everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion.
Reserve your slot!

To register, simply email for reservation.
Have your payments from January 2-10 and you can avail of the Super Early bird fee of 497!

Have your payments from   January 11-18 and you can avail of Early bird fee of 597.

Have your payments on January 19 and you have the regular walk-in fee of 697.
Don’t delay. We’ll have limited slots only! We don’t want to reject your reservation because we’ve reached the maximum number of participants.
You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:
Account Name Romer Tawid.

  • BPI Account # 4339300157
  • BDO Account # 006960030969
  • Metrobank Account # 6363636082407


Once done, please confirm your payment here.

The fee will already cover your lunch with free-flowing coffee to keep you awake. But more importantly, this small investment will be your golden ticket and opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your network while taking charge of your finances this year with all the info in store for you.
Hope to see you there!
Have fun investing (and cheers to greater 2013!).
Omeng \(“,)/
PS:  Limited slots only! Email your reservation to now!

You can make your deposits to either one of below savings accounts:

Account Name Romer Tawid.

BPI Account # 4339300157

BDO Account # 006960030969

Metrobank Account # 6363636082407
Once done, please confirm your payment here.

PS2: Get constant updates for this in our Event Page on Facebook here.
See you there!

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