Online Virtual PagIBIG and Hello, Pag-IBIG Mobile App

Last updated on April 8th, 2020

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If you are a Pag-IBIG member, and got your own Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card plus powered by AUB, you may also want to download the Hello Pag-IBIG mobile app and monitor all your card’s transactions online, anytime and anywhere.

What is Hello Pag-IBIG Mobile App

Hello Pag-IBIG mobile app is the accompanying app to your Pag-IBIG Loyalty card plus.

Remember, the newest membership card being issued now by Pag-IBIG to all its members is an ID+Rewards+Cash Card all in one. It means you can use this card to receive funds from Pag-IBIG, say from your PagIBIG short term/Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) proceeds, and also use with any Bancnet-affiliated ATM’s nationwide to withdraw these funds.

With this feature, you have, in effect, an additional savings account under AUB with this Pag-IBIG card which, as with any banking account, can be used to do other financial transactions like paying bills, sending money and transferring funds to and from your account.

This Hello Pag-IBIG mobile app serves functions similar to what other mobile banking and digital wallet apps (such as G-Cash and Paymaya) provide. You can even use this app to manage your card, block it and change its PIN.

Check out this video- EASY Online Virtual Pag-IBIG: How to Get Pag-IBIG Loyalty card Plus & use Hello Pag-IBIG Mobile App to learn more of its other features you can use… and share to your friends you know will benefit from this.

Other Resources for your Pag-IBIG Membership

Below are other resources to help you maximize your Pag-IBIG membership online.

Requirements and step by step procedure on how to apply and get your own Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus in the Philippines >

Monitor your Pag-IBIG Account online with Virtual Pag-IBIG –
Once you obtain your Loyalty Card plus, you can then create your Virtual Pag-IBIG online account and monitor your Pag-IBIG transactions and contributions online

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