One common reason why people lose money investing

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One of the most common and obvious reasons why people lose money investing in Philippine stock market is not knowing what exactly is happening in the stock market.

With this lack of information, one can not really make sound and properly guided decision.

In my case, having my full time day job, being updated with the key happenings by myself is already big challenge in itself.

“Is the market now starting its bearish (going down) pattern?”

“Are the government projects pushing through?”

“Are the plans of the companies I’m invested in still in track?”

These are just some of what can happen in any market.

More importantly, knowing what to do after realizing these market developments is much harder to determine.

That is, should I buy this stock with this update?… Or should I start selling some?

It is with these challenges that having an external guide becomes really helpful.

In my case, one of this external help is being a member of Truly Rich Club.

This club gives regular stocks update to all its members following a long-term type of investing strategy.

When TRC saved my 20%+ capital gain

Shown below is an email stocks alert/update from Truly Rich Club on Feb 1 2015, asking its members to sell.

Truly Rich Club stocks update - SELL alert

Having read that email, even if I’m NOT always aware of all market news,  I immediately knew what to do next – so I decided to sell a part of my holdings, specifically that of 9500 shares of LRI at 11.36/118 price levels. I sold it on Feb 2 2015, a day after the stocks alert was sent.

Selling LRI in philippne stock market

Have I made the right decision?

Well, looking at what exactly happened to that stock LRI months after the selling recommendation was made, it’s very clear it was a good action made.

From the chart below, the price slowly went down  from my selling price of 11.8/11.36 to its April 1 2015 closing price of 9.23, or an equivalent of more than 20% loss.

What happended to LRI in philippine stock market

With my base capital of more than 100k, I would have lost more than 20k of my capital gain had I not become updated with the stock alert and not sold that time.

This is the beauty of having a buddy that does the FULL-TIME market watch for you.

I can be not fully monitoring the market with my job (or any other reason), but just be updated via email ONLY when an action to buy or sell is needed.

With this, I can focus my time and attention to other more important things (family, socials, career, business etc).

The Cost of not monitoring it yourself

These filtered recommendations I receive though, with my desire of not checking the market updates every day, comes with a price.

In the case of Truly Rich Club above, it has its membership fee (Php 497 monthly).

However, if you look at what it offers in its page here, it gives more than stock alerts.

In fact,  stocks updates is just a tiny portion of its entire package.

I can personally say that it’s not its stocks update that had the big impact in my financial life.

Do I recommend Truly Rich Club?

If you already have a big capital in your investments, and believe that your potential gains from its service can cover the membership fee, then you can probably give it a try and see yourself.

For those just starting with small capital, the fee can be burdensome.

Either case, it has its 30-day money-back guarantee. You can check here to find more details about it and try and see it yourself.

Also consider Mutual Fund

Another option  is to consider going into mutual funds instead of doing your stock market investments directly.

In this case, you only give your money to a mutual fund investment company and let a fund manager do its task of managing it. This delegating of tasks, however, also comes with a cost in the form of related entry and management fees.

(You can send me an email here if you want me to forward your interest to someone who can help you open a mutual fund account.)

But whatever your case maybe, what’s important  is that your investments and all your related activities should give you financial peace, and not be a burden because  of your misguided and uninformed actions.

After all, the ultimate reason why you’re investing is to have a better and more relaxed life, and not to give you one more thing to be worried of.

Have fun investing (minus the stress),


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  1. jm

    Sir, what is your recommended amount of investment so that it will not be burdensome to join TRC?

    I mean, when will be the time(the amount I already invested) you will recommend to join TRC?

    1. Omeng Tawid

      If you can feel comfortable paying that learning fee, it’s a good sign.

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