For OFW – Yes you can invest too!

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Sharing a short online interview of an OFW investor in Philippines Stock Market.

Yes, even if you’re abroad, you can join the very tiny percentage of Philippines population making their money in stocks investing. Thanks to internet! Anyone can now do online investing.

Let’s do our own share in spreading financial literacy to all our fellow Filipinos.
It doesn’t really have to be a big show, a segway kwento during your lunch break, for example, will do.

And don’t lose heart if they ignore your at first.
As Bro Bo said, most people need to be marinated before they get to absorb the message that will help them.

We may not see the rewards of doing it now, but our children’s generation will surely reap it once our country becomes a more progressive one.
Let’s all dream that for our dear Philippines where no more families have to go abroad and leave their family for a greener pasture.

Say yes! (YES!)
Enjoy the Friday!

Have fun investing (even outside the Philippines)!

Omeng \_(“,)/


Introduce yourself

I’m an OFW based in Middle East.

How did your interest in stocks start?

Blame it all to Bo Sanchez and his sweet talks . Bo opened my mind to investing in stocks. I joined his club for a year to see what he is talking about, though I am still adamant to start investing. After a year of reading and brainstorming myself, I decided to send the form to Citiseconline, and from then on, I never looked back.

How long have you been in Philippine stock market?

I was only doing stock market investing since 2009, so I always tell everyone I spoke to (both online and offline) na I am no expert in this field, and I am continuously learning from day to day on how to be successful in this trade.

What’s your strategy and plan in doing your investment/trades?

When I first started, I followed everything that was being given by Bo Sanchez in his TRC update. Nowadays, I do swing trading if I am not busy for the week, but most of the time, I do momentum trading, where I only find stocks which tells me that there is a high probability of an uptrend in the coming days/week. I then exit my position whenever my stop is triggered to secure my profit, and re-enter again if there is another opportunity. I don’t keep stocks for more than a month.

Where do you get your guidance in your decisions?

Self study ako palagi…i find it challenging…

So far, it had given me profits based on my self-study.

But i don’t share it with others kasi i’m not an expert…i may give my opinion, pero may disclosure palagi …

Any regrets so far?

Regrets? None. I never regretted the day I started investing in the stock market, as it opened a new opportunity for me to grow and meet other people who have the same interest as I do…to become rich.

What lesson(s) do you want to share to others?

Learning stock market investing is comparable to the time when we were learning to ride our bicycles. The ultimate goal is to be able to ride the bike unattended, and even perform tricks later on. Some of us used the training wheel, so at least we may feel the independence of riding a bike until we get the hang of it. This is the same as when I was following Bo Sanchez’s TRC update. I was able to gain confidence with the stock market, same as the confidence we gained in riding a bike, but still I am dependent with the training wheels (TRC Update). Some of us, however, likes the faster way of learning. They start riding the bike without the training wheel, and uses the other person’s capability to hold the bike for us and let go whenever they want. What happened most of the time is that we fall and hurt ourselves in the silly process. This is, again, comparable to those learning to trade without any prior knowledge of the stock and rely only on other people’s tips. Those stupid enough to listen to their advise (including me) got burned with their precious hard earned money. When we fall, we managed to get up, and ride the bike again to become a better rider. It’s not how many times you had a bad trade, but how many times you managed to stand up from that losing trade, and learn from it to become better next time. During our quest of being a better rider (trader), we start to use protective gears (stops) and learned to ride the bike whenever we want (entry), and disembark whenever (exit). We tend to look for a better bike to ride to provide us the comfort by looking at its specifications meeting our requirement (Fundamental Analysis), and some people learn tricks on how to ride a bike (Technical Analysis). If you look at it this way, you will then realize that the only person who taught you how to become a better rider (trader) is yourself, and reliance to other people did not make you better, but used their opinion instead to see if it will suit your requirement (risk appetite). Never stop learning.

What is your greatest investment in life?

My greatest investment in life is my family. Always make time for your family, and let the money work for you.

Final shout-out to those just starting to invest.

People have different personality, which means people have different risk tolerance. If you ask a person which stock to pick, or ask if it’s ok to enter the trade, it is often dependent on the risk appetite of the person you asked. Learn to study the company’s fundamental and check if it will fit your requir-ment of long term objective. Do not ask questions such as “Is it ok to buy?” etc, coz no one soul can predict the behavior of the market. Ask questions such as “how good is the company”, to give you that peace of mind that you’re money is all in good hands. Average is always your friend, of course, for long term investment.

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