Make 2014 your breakthrough year!

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Happy new year investors, traders and those in-between! 

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Just thought of sharing my short message in our facebook group -Investing in Philippine Stock Market – Tips & Tricks, modified it a bit to make it standalone. 

Let’s take advantage of the time this season offers for a reflection…
Let’s ask ourselves 

” Am I financially better off this year than the previous year?”  

Or more importantly,

” Am I one step closer to my life GOAL?”

Of course that’s not easy to answer… especially if you have no idea of your financial standing last year… and if you didn’t set a goal! 

But this time will be different, right?  

So make an accounting now of everything that you OWN and you OWE, and what you TARGET to achieve for next year… add a time frame and draft FEW actions you commit to take to get there!  Just let your mind do its magic! Think soft and hard. 

You’ve just made your own personal financial plan 2014! 
Now you have something to get back to next year. 🙂 
Who knows, baka kaya naman pala ng ibang investments ang pangarap mo, not necessarily stock market.

Back to our group, we’re leaving 2013 with 29k+ members. WOAH! But numbers is not our goal. Our goal is right real EDUCATION.

And so with 2014 coming,  I encourage you to always wear that critic hat in every post and comment you see, and with every material you see online. With more inputs, it’s naturally harder to draw the line between what’s true and what appears true. It’ll always be a challenge… but that’s what makes a healthy learning exchange! 

Thank you for making the forum alive! It’s YOU the members that keep the group ready to change our country for the better. yeah BIG goal, still lots of things to do, but at least we’re starting this small effort. at least we have something to answer  our kids if ever they ask, “daddy/mommy, what did you do during your time to make our country better?”.. not just a blank stare back at them. Or a better version could be “daddy/mommy, what did you do during your time that make us cherish each moment we have now?”.  Big or small, it will have an impact. 

I’m thinking of what I can give to you, but since wala kong maisip, I thought of helping those who are interested to share your story to the world. Yup, YOUR story, so you’re the one with sole authority on that. We’ll build up your OWN BLOG/SITE and make it your financial diary. And yes, just like investing, this will be for the LONG-TERM, several months.  This will be FREE, but to filter the serious from the lazy, we’ll have assignments to proceed from stage to stage.  

What do you get from that? Up to you. Internet offers lots of opportunities. But ultimately, we’ll have lots of financial bloggers in our country. And since they are your story, it will naturally be genuine and true.. and inspirational.  Send me a private message me “I will share my story”  so you get added to our fb group and start it on! 🙂 Also those who are willing to be free contributors for our newsletter – send me PM “for a better Philippines!“. Make those skills and knowledge of yours ready for bigger impact! 🙂 

Let’s keep our culture of sharing inside and outside the group – your knowledge, your questions, comments, your doubts, your story, surprises,  even your failures and hopes!  You dreams too.

In behalf of the rest of the admins, we wish and hope you best of luck.. este best of stock! 

Cheers to a more prosperous, abundant and generous 2014! 

Happy investing!
– oMeng 🙂

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PS3: 2014 will be memorable for me… for the simple reason that I’m turning 25 this July haha. Shortly coming is quarter life..but not quarter-life crisis. Calling all quarter-life opportunities haha.

And going to that stage, I’m starting to realize that real education is the sole primary ultimate way of transforming our country. Whoot whhot BIG WORD. 

I used to hear that when I was still a student but haven’t really put serious thought about it, but few years of reaping the harvest of that investment, I can say it’s very true. It was education (not just academics) that enabled me to be a more useful citizen. And the change I wish to see has to start with revamping the kind of leaders we have. 

I long to see in my lifetime when we’ll have smart leaders to be elected by smart voters. Of course that does not mean I condemn the rest of our voters who voted all the corrupt politicians we have now out there but I pray that time will come when we’ll  put people into office NOT by their empty popularity but popularity due to great works and character. Not popularity due to family extension, fame of showbiz or brought about by all the scattered epal tarpaulins. That our leaders will think twice in committing corruption because they know that voters will never give them second chances. And the only long-term  way I see to get to this is to have smart voters molded  inside our homes and inside our community. Which boils down to our three learning institutions – family, school and church. And who are the people inside those institutions? It’s US. 

Obviously this is much more complicated than this, but I’m happy that I’m beginning to have this kind of concern inside. It’s not everyday I feel such fire. 🙂  Let’s all do our share for a better Pilipinas. 🙂

Isang upuan lang yan kaya go na.
Dream big but start small.
Email mo ko dito pag may tanong ka pa.

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