Bo Sanchez’ Maids Investment Update – Now Richer than Many Managers

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Bo Sanchez’ Maids Investment Update – Now Richer than Many Managers

Hello Millionaires!
A short story first!
Yesterday, I bought new three books, worth 1117.50.

First is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, one that I’m confident will strengthen my overall life. For its price of 225 pesos, I think it’s already a great investment considering the lifelong impact it could have and the many aspects of my life it could touch. The funny thing is that I already subscribed to the idea of living one’s life for a purpose long before I knew this book. So reading this will act like more as an affirmation of my beliefs now. It’s good to be affirmed once in a while, right?

The second book is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell and the third one is The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

I bought the leadership book by Maxwell because I recently felt like God is calling me to do bigger things which I will share soon with you. While I already had some leadership roles back in college, I realized I’ve lost touch of its influence because of the independent-most-of-the-times type of work I have now. The price of the book is 500 pesos.

The third book purchase, The 4-Hour Workweek is my next attempt to simplify things and create life in my own terms. Yeah, it sounds really big, but reading this at this early point in my life gives me more than enough time to actually accomplish it. I was about to buy the latest expanded hardcover edition (the orange one) which costs a whopping more than 1000+, when the lady in charge offered the old edition which costs only 392.50. (The grace of God at work!)
I bought the cheaper one and decided to buy the new version once they announce a book sale.J

Just last week I bought a health related book entitled How To Live Longer which gives practical health tips from a heart doctor. This is obviously also a practical catch which everyone can use. While I don’t really have that plan to live as long as 100 years, I just believe the importance of valuing our core investments, which is our health.

But did I mention that I haven’t really started reading that book? HAHA

Yeah I have this habit of buying new books even after not finishing the latest book I had bought. This time, I even haven’t started putting serious time into the last one, and here I am boastful of the three new books I have. Convict me for that! HAHA.

Speaking of habits, here is an update of the investments of the maids of Bo Sanchez in the Philippine stock market. They were the two maids that are the inspiration of his first investment book My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… and Why You Should, Too! (You get its brief version here).

As of Oct 26, 2012,
Maid 1 has now (drum rolls please…) P363,658 in her Stock Market account!
His other maid, let’s call her Maid 2, has now 210,847 in her account!

Whoa! It’s very true when Brother Bo said that his maids are now richer than many managers!

In another update sent last June 28, Maid 1 had P308,388 while Maid 2 had P176,465.
So in a span of four months, Maid 1 had an increase in its investment amounting to 55,270 while Maid 2 had an investment increase of 34,382.

This of course reflects their monthly addition to their investments, the growth of their initial investments and any other windfall they added there.

So my message for you?
Keep the habit!
Because it’s what you keep, and not what you earn, that will build your wealth.
(But I think that message applies to me more than anyone else HAHA.)

Have a great family time this Sunday!
Have fun investing!

PS: Sorry for not updating this blog as frequent as before. I find myself busy instead answering queries of new investors in our facebook group forum. Aside from the fact that you can have your questions answered there much more quickly and efficiently, I also continue to learn a lot from other members. It’s also more interactive. So unlike in this blog where I’m the only one who does the talking, you’ll find in the group many generous souls willing to share their own lessons. See you there! You can meet other investors HERE.

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