My Mama is now investing in the stock market… ikaw din ba?

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This announcement has been long overdue.

But I’ll be relating this still to demonstrate how it’s easy to start investing and prepare for your future by investing in Philippine stock market.

But first, a short background about this new investor.

As you might have read before, my family is far from being perfect.

Growing up, I saw my parents quarreling many times for so many reasons. Sometimes, it’s money. Other times, it’s money. But usually, it’s money. That’s how we used to struggle financially.

It’s also not the norm for us to say “I love you” to every member of our family.

Why is that?

Well, maybe because, as the recent talk  in the Haunter Family talk series in The Feast related, that too was the way they had been raised as children and the cycle is just repeating itself. [But the same message carries with it a strong reminder – that this cycle of unwanted arguments, this cycle of untold love, and this cycle of poverty has to stop in me.]

My parents might have been among those who were not taught about family lessons. Yet I’m sure they only wanted the best for us their children.

Especially my mother.

While she was usually unstoppable in words when she had to reprimand me when I was still young, her acts of love made me felt so secure.

I remember the times when after coming from school, she would regularly check my notebook just to know if I was doing okay and really took down notes in class. She’s also my buddy in completing my school projects. With the support and commitment she’s shown me, it was not difficult for me to be committed in my studies. How could I ignore what I see as a full genuine sacrifice?

And her sacrifices paid off. My parents only finished high school education but all of us, my older brother and sister, are now enjoying the fruits of a college education.

Mother’s love is really something indescribable by words. Until now, she still serves my coffee when she sees me too caught up with my work. Her small gestures of love and care mean a lot to me.

This relationship that we have formed through the years in turn has affected my major decisions in life.

When I graduated from college, I thought of considering work abroad. But then later on I realized that spending time with my family is more important than the promises life abroad could offer.

And I believe God has blessed that decision because He has given me other opportunities to accomplish the same end without leaving my family. Now, we’re no longer experiencing financial lack. More importantly, I presently enjoy this opportunity of being able to check anytime on every member of my family. (This set up also allows me to be constantly blessed by The Feast here in Quezon City!)

The Feast Quezon City Schedule

My relationship with my mother has indeed helped me become a better person. Her parenting may not be perfect but her genuine love made a positive impact in my life. I thank the Lord for the gift of mother’s love. It is surely one of His channels of unconditional love for all of us.

So there.

And that drives why I told her to open an account and invest in Philippine stock market.

I wanted her to at least have a decent retirement.

And the easiest thing I can do for her now is to make the Philippine stock market as her giant piggy bank.

I was able to accomplish this doing only three steps (You can download our quick-start guide for beginners here).

  1. Download the application forms and fill them out.
  2. Called COL Financial’s office for scheduling of documents pick-up (this is a good extra service of COL Financial for Metro Manila residents so you won’t need to go personally to their office)
  3. Fund the account.

The process was quick in my case.

I called on Friday, September 27 2013, for scheduling of pick-up.

And then by 1:30 of Monday, documents were picked up from my office.

By the late afternoon, I already received an email for the account number. That was so fast!

How to invest in Philippine stock market for beginners

So by the 30th day of September last year, my mama got her account! Hooray!

The last thing to do was to fund it which I did conveniently on Oct 1 through online BDO banking.

Online payment to COL Financial


Just like many others, we started really small, with only 5000 initial deposit.

How to invest in Philippine stock market for beginners 2

Since initial deposit was done, the next thing that happened was the activation of her account! Which means my mama is now ready to buy her first company!

How to invest in Philippine stock market for beginners 3

So that’s it! Who says starting to invest is not easy?

And to add flavor onto this, I made it a point that every funding we do comes from a passive income stream (meaning, money that’s made even while we’re sleeping, not the usual active income you get from work as salary).

In short, our goal is to build  a mountain of passive income using passive income stream. You’ll learn more about this in the next updates.

In case you have any question on the process above, you can also download this quick start guide for beginners >>click here.

In my future updates, I’ll show how we do stock selection and actual buying.

Have fun investing,


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