the abundant life in owning less

Last updated on August 2nd, 2016

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Learning personal finance is, well, personal.

There can be many approaches to it, each one serving different preferences and personal circumstances. The principles of making money though remain just the same – which is essentially that of providing value, but the specific pathways to freedom can vary for people having different set of skills, talents and even beliefs.

And in my years living my life, I found the extraordinary freedom in choosing to become a minimalist.

The minimalist life

It was more than a year a ago that I decided to go for minimalist life.
It was inspired by another blog –

Choosing to become minimalist makes me discover the abundant life in owning less.
The whole essence is to intentionally live with less. And find more life because of it.

It’s a liberating decision.

Well, it was not really a sharp transition I had to go through. and not a difficult choice either, since I’ve been living a simple life since I was young (having no resources to spend) but making the go this way of living life out of one’s own choice  was a big leap for me in attaining and keeping the inner peace and joy I’m grateful to have now.

While most people would initially turn to this lifestyle for the save up financially, what I like most about it the greater space and time it gives me to focus on things I believe do matter more.

For a greater pursuit.
No trend following.
No minding of what others say.
Just principles and beliefs at work.
Expressing yourself .
Honing your talents.
Working for a cause your believe.
Finding greater meaning.
Choosing to be happy no matter what.

Today I enjoy every day of this journey, and deep in my heart I know I made the right decision.

Enjoy the journey

Living a simple life does not really mean scrimping on yourself.
The main difference lies on the reason of your spending.

In fact I often see myself splurging many times, but the difference is, these are seldom on material things, and mostly on making memories and on things that last longer.

Buying a little more expensive bed and accessories so I can rest better at night is one example.
Buying a little more expensive juicer to help me take better care of my health is another.

These decisions may be more expensive at the start, but these are still aligned with my minimalist approach to life.

The focus on quality also saves me time on spending otherwise unnecessary repairs or due to dissatisfaction later on.

In the end, the important thing I always guard is not to be attached to things and possessions, but providing a greater venue for values I hold dear.

As I always tell people, this is part of enjoying the journey at all times.

Becoming a millionaire

I had my first million even before I went to becoming minimalist.
It was not  really a serious goal at first since I initially only wanted to achieve it so I could prove myself the belief people feed you that money does not buy happiness. I’m happy with my findings about it. 🙂

Today this is no longer a big thing. With the advent of social technology that can connect you to people willing and capable to help you, achieving your first million is now easier than before. One needs only to have a dose of humility to learn, the bias to action and the never-stop-and-give-up attitude and the acceptance and embracing pain and mistakes as they come.

Defining your own happiness

In the end, we ourselves should define (and know) what will make us happy.
Never allow others, the media, the ads, to define what is best for you.
Discover it and cherish as a lifetime journey.

Have fun investing,
Omeng 🙂

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5 thoughts on “the abundant life in owning less

  1. Eddie Isles

    I invested in the stock market 25 years ago to applied my knowledge in the stock market during bad times and lucky to make 30% in 6 months. I stop it when a lot of complany are going bankrupt. Then now that I am retired, I am investing in raising game fowl in backyard breeding. My projection is 200% profit if no diseases and inside jobs illegal rocketiring
    Happening in the farm. Iam incharge of marketing & sales. The farm manager will have no acessin in the money. I am hoping to make money for this market. I plan to produce young fowl for breeding and shows. What do you thin? Any advice. Thanks Mang Ed.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      HI Mang Ed, thanks for your comment. If you have good feasibility study on it and has considered all factors that can come into play, it may be good to explore that too.. if you welcome investments, there are groups dedicated to finance start ups too..

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