making profits WHILE in crisis?

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Earlier today in our learning community, we were fortunate to have an online live zoom with one of the most popular social traders in the world who is Jay Edward Smith or more commonly known as jaynemesis.

We were more than 200 people in the meeting trying to absorb all we could learn from this full-time trader guy.


Who is Jay?

If you’ve been in the social trading platform eToro, you most probably heard about him.

Jay is one popular investor in eToro "handling" millions of dollars fund.

He has the status of an Elite Popular Investor with nearly 27,000 copy traders on eToro.

That means 27000 investors around the world copying every single trade he does on his own money.

It’s like leveraging on someone else’s trading skills.

Jay quit his full-time job in the Esports industry to trade full-time in 2017. After only a few months, Jay became the most copied social trader in the world.

Below I shared his recent portfolio performance.
You can also check out the growth under his Stats.

Amazing isn’t it? πŸ™‚

It doesn’t seem like we are in a crisis haha.

And stellar returns such as this is one of the reasons why Ive been spreading this word about global market investing.

Simple reason – there are alternative (better) ways to park your money than in your bank.

Of course there are risks involved when you do this, but your time horizon help you big time to weather through these normal fluctuations.

Yes long-term investing and active trading can be both done too in global markets.

I had a friend who thanked me for introducing this to her a month ago.

Now she’s very active spreading about this to her friends too.

But I don’t wanna talk about them for now.

I’m more curious in your case.

How about you?

What are you thinking about lately?

What is stopping you to explore global investing?

Is it knowledge? (it’s very similar to local investing)

Is it money? (you can start with USD200)

Is it time? (time for….?)

I’m curious how I can help you better in your financial goals, so if you have one thing stopping you take better charge of your future, I’d want to know.

Just reply and I’ll be reading them personally.

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If they ask you what is this all about, just show them below chart.

It’s is a simple comparison between familiar US logos – Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook versus our main PSE index. I’m quite sure you’re (over)using their products.

Click here to register if you want to learn the easiest way to start investing in these "tech" stocks positioned to grow in the long run.

Instead of just consuming them, why not earn from them as well, right?

That’s it for now.

If you’ve got questions, just hit reply & let me know.

Keep safe & happy learning.

Omeng Tawid

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