lost how to start investing in Stock market sa pinas?

(If you want a quick guide for beginners how to start investing in the Philippine stock market, you can download your free ebook here.)

If you’re totally new to stocks & investing, or if  you’ve been studying about it for so long but has NOT really started because of your crippling fear of making a single mistake, I recommend that your join the Quick Start Seminar of Truly Rich Club.

The latest offering for this year is Dec 7, 2-5pm at PICC, Pasay.

Very cheap seminar fee if you’re a club member – 197 only.

But no need for you to be a member at this point, I can tag you as my guest so you also get this discounted fee.  For details, click here.


I strongly believe it’s a good start learning so you avoid the big mistakes many newbies do when it comes to investing and get the correct foundation to investing. Deadline is Nov 28 na.

If you’re abroad or can’t attend a physical seminar for any reason, you can join my online mentoring on building your wealth in Philippine stock market. This will start this December 1 , but you get discount for signing-up now. It’s a 6 month long mentoring for TOTAL beginners.

All steps you need to do, from opening your account, to buying and selling your first stock,  to choosing stocks, will be covered in this mentoring series.

Since it’s all online, you can access it anytime at your own pace. To sign-up now and get your discounts, click here.

This comes with your exclusive access to our exclusive facebook group where you get more guidance while you’re just starting.

Deadline for super early bird fee of 2997 1997  997  is this November 30.

Again this is for TOTAL beginners. If you’ve already started, no need to join (though you can still do so if you see your investments not growing).

That’s all for now!

It’s only more than a month remaining and 2014 is over.

Has your financial life improved in this year?

If your answer is NO, then do yourself a favor – set aside one day this coming weekend and start planning now how you will take charge of your financial life this new year.

Yes, do it now while others still don’t have their plans on you.

Have fun investing,

– oMeng

PS: For quick start seminar na murang-mura, kayang-kaya ng bulsa, 197 lang, click here.

PS2: If you’re abroad or can’t attend a physical seminar, you can join my online mentoring on building your wealth in Philippine stock market and get video tutorials and others materials so you can make your money work for your through investing.

Click here to sign-up. Early bird ends this Nov 30.

PS3: Truly Rich Club has just advised selling of one of its recommended stocks – BDO!

That means HARVEST TIME!!

So I finally sold it yesterday, giving me more than 25% net gain. NOT BAD, given that no active monitoring was needed on my part.

Had I done differently and  put that money in the bank, I would have earned less than 1%!

That’s income wasted by so many people because of lack of 1. knowledge (financial literacy) and 2. guidance (how to exactly do it).

Will you make your 2015 your breakthrough year?

BDO Sell - Philippine stock market



BDO Sell - Philippine stock market 20

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2 thoughts on “lost how to start investing in Stock market sa pinas?”

  1. is there an upcoming seminar this 2015 about investing in stock market sa pinas?
    I have zero knowledge about this, as in zero talaga. I want to know the basics of investing before I jump into it….

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