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Just wanna make sure you see this exclusive invite.

If you want to level up and learn a more consistent approach to profitable trading, this is an exclusive invite for you to attend a more advanced session with Ricky So.

See below programs available.
All sessions will be online via Zoom so you can attend wherever you are.

  • Advanced Technical Analysis (Early bird is P1,800).

Schedule is Aug 10-11 (5:30 PM Manila Time)
This covers More technical indicators, Dow Theory, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave Theory, Gann Theory, and more.

  • Trade with me Program(P 4, 500)

Under Trade with Me Program, you’ll receive a weekly stock analysis and picks via email and bi-weekly webinar via Zoom for updates discussion. This will run Starting on Aug 17 2020 until Jan 31 2021.

Who is Ricky So?
Ricky So has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is an Independent Financial Adviser and currently, the Chief Knowledge Officer for Investment Planning and director of the Wealth Management Center for Communications and Research, Inc. Prior to this, he held senior management positions in various investment and commodities firms, the last of which was as Head of Training of one of Philippine’s top asset management companies and was once a portfolio manager.

He lectures Technical Analysis, Managing Equity Portfolio, and Global Investing for various learning organizations as well. Currently, he conducts certification course on Certified Investment Planner, Philippines (CIPP®) facilitates and mentors a stock investment club thru his Money Back Guarantee – SMARTS program. He also has more than a decade long experience in providing pre-licensure seminar – the ICRCP, to members of the Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA).

How to join in this program

For payments,

  • Online transfer or deposit to BPI Account Checking Account # 9780062492 (Ricky So)
  • GCash to 09189263538

If availing both, avail the offer price of P5,400 until August 7 only.

Email proof of payment to:

Opportunities are everywhere and it’s up to us if we will grab it.

The Trade with Me program is a unique offering I haven’t seen before. Unlike other trading training programs offered by others, this one is a six months long period during which you can apply your learnings hands-on in the market. The bi-weekly session also gives a feedbacking venue so you can test your ideas and clarify any other question you may have even after the webinar.

The stock picks will also help you save time in stocks screening and have an actual idea of how to come up with your own trading plan.

Can’t wait to see you there.
I’m sure if you take this seriously and combine with application, your investment here can be easily earned back either through profits or avoiding huge losses.

Happy learning.
Hope this helps you.

Have fun investing,

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