Learn to thrive in this crisis

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Weeks on community lockdown, I hope ok ka pa!

And since we’re given tons of time at our disposal, we might as well evolve out of this and learn not just to survive but to thrive in this so-called new normal.

If you’re just a new investor, I shared below my latest practical videos showing lessons you can apply right away as a new investor.

Video 1 – How to Open your Account Online tackles the online application now possible for you to have your own trading account.  If you don’t have an account yet, now is a good time to start investing since most stocks are really very cheap!

Basics of Using COL Financial tackles the basics of navigating an online trading platform
This will help you capture all the basics so you can make your first buy/sell order.

Finally, Investing with COL Financial Tips & Tricks gives you tips and tricks to make you a profitable trader. Some of these tips are not known even by experienced traders.
COL Financial Investing in Philippine stock market Tips & Tricks

I hope you will find time to watch those videos.

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If you have any questions about personal finance & investments or want to share your challenges, share them in the comments to let me know.

Keep safe,

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