See you at KCon 2013!

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See you at the Kerygma Conference (KCon) 2013!

This is now your chance to meet Edward Lee – founder of COL Financial, Dean Pax Lapid – a terrific businessman, Rex Mendoza – President and CEO of Philam Life and many more speakers (there are 67 of them!). Edward, Dean Pax and Rex are all mentors of Bo Sanchez at work behind the Truly Rich Club so it will definitely be an awesome experience for your life hearing this people talk What’s unique about this seminar is that it also has great entertaining value. (at least the kind I like HAHA.) It’s a hybrid of learning + laughter. Especially Rex Mendoza, the first time I heard him, I was an instant fan! So stress-debriefing na rin.

But it’s actually more than that.

One day sa office namin,  while I was busy doing something in my laptop, my office-mate, to whom I shared my planned career move in our company, asked me if I had already sent an email to the person I’d need for that plan to get started.

Then it dawned on me!
Woah,I totally forgot about that thing. Well, not really the plan, but the actions I needed to make to realize it.

That’s where I doubly realized that being surrounded by essential people is a MUST for anyone who wants to persistently succeed simply because that’s the same group of people who’ll remind you of your goals when the time comes you get stuck somewhere in your journey (which happens to me many times). Imagine a group of people you meet regularly asking you how well you’re doing in one of your goals. For sure, that will push you into action.

It’s also a different vibrant feeling to be in a large crowd with people who have same interest as yours.
Conferences like this is like a giant filter of all the people in your place who may just be the people you need to make BIG in life.

See you there!
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Have fun investing (in yourself)!

 – oMeng 🙂

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PS2: I’ll be attending below classes for this year’s KCon:
Day 1: G – B
Day 2: B – A
Day 3: C – A – A (This is where you can meet Edward Lee and Rex Mendoza)
Day 4: D – D (for Singles!)

If you can’t afford the learning fee, you can attend the Grand Feast!
The Grand Feast is an expanded version of The Feast, the weekly prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Family. (I for example attend the weekly Saturday Feast in Quezon City).
During The Grand Feast there will be Holy Mass, worship, entertainment and an inspirational talk by a guest speaker and Bo Sanchez. The Grand Feast is open to everyone so invite your friends too!
PS 3: Below is the invite by Bo Sanchez!

How To Fill Up Your Spiritual Tank To The Overflowing In 4 Days

       Face it. 

There are days when you feel powerless.

       When your spiritual tank feels very empty.

When you can’t say NO to temptation—and you fall again and again and again…

       When you can’t change stubborn areas in your life.

When you lack the inner fire to bring your life to the next level, to conquer new ground, to grow to greater success.  (You want to grow but you don’t.)

       When you don’t have the personal resolve to change your life.

       What do you do?  How do you change?  How do you get out of this rut—SO THAT you can start blessing your family, your friends, and your world? (You know that they’ve been suffering because of you!)

       I’d like to help you with newly discovered strategies that can change all these…

Don’t Just Face Your Pain—Desire It!

       I’ve been in ministry work for 34 years.  That’s a pretty looooooong time.  For 34 years, my entire life has been entirely dedicated to finding the BEST METHODS to help people change their lives.

       Everyday, I ask myself this big question: How can I help people remove the stubborn blocks that prevent them from reaching their dreams?  This big question fuels my day.  This big question wakes me up in the morning—and each day, I go about my happy search for better, more effective, more powerful tools for personal change.

        And recently, I’ve stumbled upon a gold mine.  A treasure chest.  And I’ve been so excited.  Thrilled beyond measure!  I can’t contain my joy.  Because I was able to discover one of the most amazing strategies I’ve ever seen to EMPOWER people.

In fact, I’ve discovered a number of revolutionary strategies.  But let me share with you one of them now: I call it the Pain Strategy.

       I know—it sounds so negative, right?  But that’s the point!  I realized many people are stuck where they are—feeling totally powerless—because they’re afraid of pain.  Pain is their monster.  I’ve met so many people who never leave their comfort zone, it has become their prison.  And they stagnante.  All because they can’t face the pain of changing their lives, doing something new, or reaching for their dreams.

       Here’s the point of this strategy: I want to help you attack the pain by not just facing it, but desiring it.  (I know it sounds crazy; but believe me, it works!)  I’ll teach you how to do this with a very simple spiritual exercise that will transform your life forever.  At any time, you can use it—and this will be your daily connection to God’s Power available within you.

       I’m excited to share the Pain Strategy with you—PLUS one more strategy that’s equally transformational.

       I’ll be sharing these two strategies at the Kerygma Conference 2013 from November 21 to 24 at the PICC and SMX. 

Our theme for the Conference is Be Empowered.

And I know that will happen to you!

63 Other Speakers Will Bless You

       Your life is multi-dimensional. 

You’ve got to take care of your career and you’ve got to take care of your family.  You also have to take care of your physical health and you’ve got to take care of your financial health too.  If you’re single, you’ve got to care for your life choices too that will impact the rest of your life (like who you’ll marry).

How can you WIN in each area?

       That’s why the Kerygma Conference 2013 has 63 other powerful Speakers, holding various Classes that will address each of these specific areas in your life.  YOU CHOOSE what Class you want to attend.  These Classes will blow you away with practical wisdom for the various areas of your life.

       Here are some of our amazing List of Speakers:

o   Cardinal Tagle will be our main celebrant on Sunday.

o   Andy Comiskey—a former homosexual who has led a ministry to homosexuals for the past 32 years.  (He was also a Pastor who recently converted to Catholicism.)  Incredible story!

o   Fr. Eric Santos—one of the funniest priests I know.

o   PLUS Miriam Quiambao, Fr. Anton Pascual, Fr. Manoling Francisco (Composer of Hindi Kita Malilimutan), Tony Meloto (Gawad Kalinga Founder), many, many more!

Join Me In This Fantastic Retreat

       The Kerygma Conference is really a Spiritual Retreat on steroids.  It’s the most powerful spiritual event in town.

       I’d like to personally invite you to join me.

       If you can make it for 4 days, do so: November 21 to 24.  If your job will prevent you from joining me for 4 straight days, then join me for the last 2 days—Saturday and Sunday.

       You’ll never be the same.
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