two simple investing tips that will make you a smarter investor

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Second, As you probably know, the Philippine stock market has not been really this year (and last year actually).

We are actually in the negative area year-to-date.

Which means if you invested at the start of the year, you’ll be at a  loss now. (Talo ka pa!)

Which leads me to two IMPORTANT  lessons I wanna share with you now.

Number 1: Don’t invest all your savings in the stock market

You don’t wan to put all your savings in the stock market because it will make you financially vulnerable to market movements.

Some people make this big mistake and the next thing they know, their investment performed poorly or worse than expected.

Why is it important NOT to put your entire savings to the stock market?

By investing only a portion of your savings, you protect yourself from possible impact of an investment gone bad. A practical rule of thumb is to invest (100-age) percent of your savings. Note that this is percentage of your SAVINGS (not of your income).

That means for example, if you’re at your 30’s. you can invest 70% of your savings to stocks/mutual funds and place the remaining 30% somewhere else (say as a fund for your travel, or learning investment, or additional emergency fund savings, or for your downpayment to your big ticket items).

At age 60’s, the you can invest 40% to stocks. ( I’d actually advise lower).

This is only a rule of thumb, and obviously open to adjustments based on your personal situation.

As you will notice, as you get older and older, you should become more and more less invested in the stock market in accordance with your financial goals. You do this because you are aware that stock market can be one risky place to invest as your time horizon gets shorter.

And that leads me to my second point:

Number 2: Give your invested money a time to grow

For the stock market, I’d say invest only money you won’t need in the next five to seven years.

I got this from checking the historical performance of our PSE index in the last few decades.

Seven years looks safe, but of course giving it more time, say up to ten years,  will give you more peace.

This also means, you should not invest in the stock market any money you’ll need less than 5-7 years from now. They are better off in time deposits or other places.

Of course you can minimize the risks by doing minor changes, say by investing in mutual fund.

For mutual fund, five years horizon minimum is a good rule of thumb.

If you make sure that you observe the two rules above, Im pretty sure you’ll always have a good night sleep while your money grows through time.

Hope this gives you good reminders.

Now…on to my next agenda..

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This has been really a great year for me, and even with lots of challenges that came, i choose to be grateful for everything that 2016 gave me. I hope you are thankful too.

From the bottom of my hears, I say Merry Christmas ând God bless your 2017!

Happy investing,


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