When to buy & sell stocks (and more lessons!)

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Recently I had more time creating video lessons that covers all the basics of investing perfect for beginners. Other lessons like that of market timing, which answers when to buy and sell stocks, is also included.

I know that for many, investing may be out of their mind now given the challenges we all face at the present.

But for others who have extra cash, the stock market also presents opportunities to earn in the long term.

The lessons covered are
1. The First Step to Investing – How to Open your Trading Account Online
2. The Basics of Online Investing – Getting Familiar with your trading account.
3. Tips & Tricks  -where I uncovered tips where to get ideas for a more effective investing
4. Investing Strategies – How You can Maximize your peso and do proper portfolio management (and avoid huge losses); and lastly
5. Market Timing – If in the future you want to be more active in trading.

There’s also another bonus video at the end which gives you an additional overall idea how to do proper investing. (Yes’ there’s a right and wrong way to do investing!)

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