Do you want additional income stream?

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Last week, we had an informative online session tackling how you can defeat your financial virus.

I coined this financial virus as COVID too.


If you’re not able to join,  the replay is available here.

The first one, Cashflow, pertains to the streams of income you have in your life.

In summary, I shared the importance of having multiple income streams.

It’s VERY DANGEROUS  if you currently have only one.
(This you can clearly see in our current news of people depending on government assistance.)

So I also pointed out some areas where you can create an additional income stream. It could be a traditional business, online selling, making YouTube videos, or just leasing out your extra home space at Airbnb.

But one lucrative way I also discovered is to join the financial services industry.

Now this post is for those who’d like to pursue the field of being financial advisor.

If you are interested just to explore this, and create a difference in other people’s lives and be rewarded in return, you can sign-up here and join their orientation this week.

>Being a financial advisor has its own perks and challenges, and the nice thing is this can be a part-time income opportunity.

This means you can do this on your own time and adjust based on your current schedule.

I have seen a lot of my friends who initially entered this on a part-time basis while keeping their job and later on decided to do it full-time.

Some even seem already successful in their own job but made that decision which changed their life for the better.

What did they see in this opportunity?
That is for you to find-out.

Have fun learning,

Even if you think it may not be for you, I”m very sure you’ll learn A LOT in their orientation, not just on financial rewards but on having a supportive mindset in life.Click here to sign-up for orientation.

In my next email, I’ll share another income opportunity for those looking at “work-at-home.”

Stay tune.

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