How to know when to sell your stocks

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So when should one consider selling their shares in the stock market?
During the last seminar we had, below are some points shared by the speaker Aya Laraya about selling:

1. Do not sell out of boredom.
2. Sell when you reach your target – That’s why you need to have a plan for every buy you make,
3. Never use long term investing as a security blanket. 
I think this is the most common scenario we see. When they see their losses are already big, they cannot accept that they just made a mistake so what’s supposedly a trade suddenly becomes an investment. They pat themselves and say “Long-term naman e”.
I was actually once like that. Simply put, don’t be a convertible shareholder.
So for those who are still mustering the courage of selling your stocks at a loss, Aya stressed out the
possible reasons why to do so:
1. If a company consistently underperforms.
2. If there is a fundamental change in the company/industry
In the end, he gave below thoughts to ponder on:
1. Know what you want to accomplish
2. Ask your broker, get information
3. Don’t rely on tips  -make your own decisions
4. Long term does not mean not monitoring
Finally, here’s an insightful article by John Mangun about the importance of Knowing when to walk away.
For him,
It is not the “picking” that makes money; it is the selling at the right time to take profits, or perhaps more important, to protect your capital. Selling is the hardest decision an investor must make.
Do you agree?
For those who have been selling, what are your triggers to do so?
Please share them below!
Have fun investing (and knowing when to sell)!
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