How you can increase your personal income

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Now, in my previous blog, I shared about how I was able to not touch my income as an employee with my portfolio of passive income sustaining my daily needs.

Someone asked how I was able to do that.
Specifically, he asked what the concrete sources of my passive income are.

It’s a very long story of figuring it out from my own experience and experience of others (from seminars) but below is a quick overview.

You see, any incomes that anyone can have falls under 4 E’s.
I call this the four Money Mountains , inspired by Dean Pax with my own addition:

Entrepreneurship (business income)
Estate (rental income)
Equity (paper assets like stocks and other investment income) and
Enternet (i just made this up, referring to online income).

The four types are pretty explanatory.

And among the four, my favorite is online since this type require tiny investment in time, money and attention, once running, compared to the other three.

Let me explain.

First is Entrepreneurship.

Building a traditional business requires so much from the builder.
And it’s common knowledge that only a small percentage of start-ups survive the first five-year test period.

The risk is that big that in case you’ve successfully worked it out, it can become your money machine for life.

However, with the very fast change of the business environment, it’s prudent to every business-owner to be in the know of the latest factors that can affect its profitability. The competition also remains to be one big threat.

Certainly, there are ways to minimize the risks with added experience and proper mentoring from people who have already made it many times. This entails humility to keep on learning from others and the importance of networking and collaborating with people who can help you improve along the way.

Personally, I tried building traditional business before only to see them folding up.
I realized I just didn’t like it demanding so much from me as its owner. Looking for people who can manage was also a challenge.

Right now, I’m indirectly in a business by being a partner-investor in different businesses through being a member of Philcrowd coop. It’s an easy venue for anyone to diversify one’s financial resources by joining a business to your liking.

Another variation under Entrepreneurship is joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and use their existing model instead of totally creating a business from scratch. You just better make sure you’re joining a legitimate one and adhering to your personal principles. You don’t like to become part of those big numbers who joined what first seemed to be an MLM but turned out to be a scam. Never fall prey to too-good=to-be-true promises even if it pays you initially.

Still another variation here is the privilege of owning your business with insurance-provider companies. Just like in MLM, here you also just use an existing business model used by giant financial products vendors. Many people in the financial industry are aware how lucrative it can be to be in financial industry.

I knew people who started on their own on these types of businesses and later on attracted others who can join his team and expand. The initial phase will really need dedicated effort but the expansion phase can be rewarding if people who joined you are properly trained. Again, time integrity and personal developments are the main investments needed here. (Yes, no big money required but only proper motivation and consistent work).

The second type of Money Mountain is Estate or Real Properties.

The idea here is very simple: You look for a property and lease it to a paying tenant.
If it turns out well, then it’s a very convenient source of passive income.
The idea of capital appreciation is also an added flavor here as real properties usually increase in property over the years.

Variations here include “flipping” a property, where you look for an undervalued property, usually foreclosed in banks, which can be easy to sell, do renovations, and sell it right away.

Sounds easy but the process of identifying a property that satisfies the two criteria: undervalued and easy to sell, poses the biggest challenge. Location will be the main driver here. The capital needed can also be very big unless you really become creative working with the conditions from the selling bank.

Personally, I shelled out money before to buy tiny houses which now is being rented out as part of my passive income portfolio.

As you can see, this money mountain would normally need a chunk of money enough to buy a property.

With collaboration venues likezFacebook, there are also now groups which crowdfund money from several individuals to earn from this way.

The third and fourth money mountain: Equity and Enternet, are the easiest to have compared to the other two.

Paper investments though are not guaranteed and very dependent on market conditions.

Also this generally takes long time to earn substantially if one would only become a passive investor. In fact, the year 2015 and 2016 were unprofitable times for this type of money machine.

Earning online however is a result of another equalizer we people have now take for granted – internet.

In fact, many Pinoys have already discovered the HUGE opportunity when it comes to earning online.

Just imagine Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, who is now one of the richest young man in the world. His big wealth came out of this thing called internet, so something must be really being brewed here.

I’d explain more on these two  in my blog.

This of course is not an extensive list but hopefully gave you an idea in coming up ways of increasing your income.

As I discovered, there’s no other way to become financially free other than being focused and actually building multiple income streams.

Have fun investing,

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