how to be stress-free to your investments

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Lost At How You can Start Investing and Really Prepare for your Financial Future?

Start YOUR journey to financial freedom the STRESS-FREE way!

Feel lost? Confused in your finances?

Gusto magstart mag-invest pero ZERO knowledge about investments?

Do you want to get the most out of your savings (being eaten by a monster called INFLATION) but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to grow your wealth more than what your banks can do but afraid of losing it in bad investments?

Do you want to stop working hard for money soon and let your money work harder for you?

Are you an ordinary employee who has been working so many years yet until now has no savings yet and just want to spend more time with your family?

Are you a businessman who wants to be his own boss and has his own time everyday?

Are you a new and young employee and want to have a great start in managing your future income?

Are you a housewife who wants to help your earning husband in paying for your family expenses?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Well, you’re not alone.

And there’s an easy way so you avoid losing your hard-earned money in the world of personal finance and investing.

FINALLY, a series of practical lessons, tips and tricks for NEWBIE investors designed to make investing in Philippine stock market stress-free for you!


You see I was like like you in many ways many years ago.
I had to find all the info I could get, attended live (and expensive!) seminars, talked to experts & read a lot to make sure I’m making right thing.

But nah, it was very overwhelming.
Too technical not fit for a normal day employee like me.
I wanted my money to work for me but it seemed the opposite is happening!
I was spending so much time yet seeing little improvement!

So through the years, I have learned key investing lessons (before, during & after!) and later on witnessed the common blunders many newbies usually do which made them lose so much money!

What have they done wrong?
Why are these people so stressed-out seeing their portfolio losing while others seem so confident with their strategies?
What should be the controls that need to be used by any wise investor?

It was a long, long learning curve.
And quite expensive too!
And now, I’d like to share it with you.
Find out how you can actually BEGIN RIGHT, avoid the costly mistakes newbies often commit out of their ignorance and make your investing easy, practical, and more manageable for you to do!

Saan po ba maganda mag-invest?

Have you asked that question too?

Asking which stock or company to buy?
Asking when is the best time to buy them?
The best time to sell them?
The best time to hold them?

And you simply wait for answers from people who don’t know anything about you?

That’s one of the biggest mistakes newbies do!
They tend to ask the wrong questions to the wrong people!
And because of that, they get incomplete, or worse, inaccurate answers!



The key to an effective investing is to start it right!

Anyone can start investing, but the key is you to start it right!
And as with any undertaking, you prepare for it before actually doing it!

Many are too excited to finally begin but fail to take care of other related things that need to be settled.


Start changing your financial life!

Get access to recorded online seminars where you will learn practical tips about investing and personal finance that will SAVE you from a LOT of STRESS before you actually begin or if you’re just a new investor!



You don’t have to do the same investing blunders many newbies do!



Other practical lessons also available!

It’s not enough (and never wise!) to just do investing alone! You need to integrate it with a more holistic and proper personal finance planning! And you will also get the lessons how!



You can shortcut your way to stress free investing with all the simple lessons you will find out through the videos tutorials!

What should be the focus of your money strategy?


You see, your ultimate goal is not to really invest in the stock market! Your final goal is to be financially free, one that does not have to worry about money every day.

One that allows you to be free to do what you wanna do and to go where you wanna go.

You need not just to learn how to invest, but see the bigger picture, get out of the rat race, and learn creating your streams of passive income. Passive income is the income you receive even without putting in so much time and effort. Examples of this are income from property rental, dividends and book royalty. You receive this kind of money even if you sleep all day! (In contrast, your income from your salary is called active income).

To get of the rat race, your goal then is to accumulate enough passive income to an amount greater than your expenses. When you’re done with this, that’s the time you enter and see a totally different world of opportunities are presented to you. Imagine this as a place where all the giant tycoons we have in the Philippines are operating. This kind of world have bigger opportunities which are not readily available to ordinary Pinoy employees.

Whatever dream you may have, whether time freedom, or not having to deal with your boss again, this training reinforces the necessary basic knowledge you will need how to get out of the Rat Race and start living your life where your money starts to really work hard for you.

Your #1 investment is your education

These lessons will also change your wrong ingrained thoughts, the common misconceptions and mistakes people have on the concepts of asset, debts and liability.

You will also discover and appreciate more the power of understanding your personal financial statement.

You will also get to have practical real world investing lessons and realize what has been stopping you in your financial growth!

And best of all, you will be with people who can support you in the rest of your financial journey even after you’re done with the training.

Personally I started investing in my financial education right after graduation.
That was also the time when I was just a new employee earning my first income.
And since that time, a lot has been changed in my financial life and my life as a whole.

I learned to become a better investor.
I learned what things I should be focusing on.
I learned what is lacking in my life.
And i learned what is wrong in my beliefs!

It’s a total crazy roller-coaster ride!
Throughout that continuous learning and acting phase,
I made my first million, then my second, and so on and so forth.

But more than the money, it’s the improvement and growth I saw in myself that I’m very thankful of!


In fact, big part of of all my financial plans now revolve around the lessons I learned from my mistakes, which I shared in the training lessons.

I don’t want to just talk about myself, and I wish you will also experience the same awakening I had at the least, especially if you’ve been an employee like me. More importantly, find yourself a venue of support that will remind you constantly of your dreams, pushing you to make a little step forward each day.

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Hope to see you inside!

Have fun investing (with consistent learning)!

– oMeng Tawid

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