how to be active earning while passive investing (easy way)

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Recently, I’ve been more exposed to trading the global markets & assets.

You see, I’ve been in the Philippine stock market for 10 years now.

Unlike before where my time is mostly on local stocks, I realized that having wider options as to different asset classes allows me to be more effective as an active investor.

One main reason I can think of why this approach is better for me is primarily one dealing with the restrictions that come with investing locally.

Our Philippine stock market, for example. does not allow "short selling" yet, at least to the general public. This means one can earn ONLY when the PSE stocks are trending up.

If the stocks are going down, you’re forced to wait until the trend reverses. Talk about practicing patience.

That waiting time, for me, can already be a lost opportunity, considering that investors abroad can earn whether the market is up or down.

Short selling has been in PSE’s plans and reported in major news channels too, but for some reason has never materialized yet.

I’ve also been helping people to discover this path of being more diverse investors too by providing sharing learning webinars too.

Were you able to attend the last time’s global investing walkthrough session?

If not, there’s another one coming up this week’s Wednesday/Saturday, same time 6 PM.

But before I give you the details, let me share two things that I liked most about using global investing online platform eToro.

eToro is similar to your well-known local online stockbrokers, but is, I’d say, 10x better.

Its ease of use, trading features available like stop loss and trailing stop, easy effective charting, and social investing approach are just some reasons why this has been a good platform for beginners.

The social trading approach is a really good idea with its concept of Copy Trade & Popular Investors (PI).

But I prefer to give PI a different meaning… as Profitable investors.

And the sole reason why I loved this idea is that potential investors like you & me are given the freedom to choose how to grow money from A LOT of options.

Normally, if you’re a normal idea who wants to grow your money passively,investining in pooled funds like mutual funds and UITF’s are the default options.

ButuUnlike in local mutual funds in which we only have very few options here locally, this PI feature inside eToro allows us to take advantage of the excellent trading skills of people from all around the world.

All we have to do is search them inside the platform and copy them.

This means if you’re looking for active earning with passive investing, you can exactly do that anytime and anywhere.

Di ka forced pumili kay Philam, Sunlife, Philequity, Prulife, etc..

Just look at one trending PI noI below.

Here we can see how this guy from Malaysia has been very profitable in 10 consecutive months!


And don’t forget that this stellar performance happened while our local stocks were struggling these previous months!

And he’s only one of many investors you could copy.

Using the platform, you could have copied him (copying his trades automatically) and go back to your normal life.

Imagine your money, sleeping in banks now, growing by 2% or 4% or more every single month.

Of course, there’s no guarantee here, but the consistency of their track record can really be a good basis for how to make our money work for you.

If you’re afraid of losing money, the historical risk score data of every PI can also guide you filter those people who are very careful minimizing their maximum drawdowns.

And that’s another reason why I liked this copy trade/Popular Investor feature – The transparency of their statistics, performance, and portfolio composition is very open, especially to your curious eyes.

That means you can check it anytime and see for yourself.

You can even just check their portfolio and copy it by entering the trades manually. The copy trade feature allows this to be done automatically, including the automatic stop loss and target prices.

Lastly, unlike mutual funds we normally know of, which have a minimum holding period, copy-trading allows you to exit/cash-out your investment anytime with no costly fees.

That means you can "sell/redeem" your investment at any time you see decent profits from your copied trades.

And you enjoy all these benefits without additional costs!

I know this eToro & copy trade idea may still be new to you, so join us this Wednesday & Saturday to learn more about how this works.

Click here to register.

If you have friends willing to explore earning in global assets and markets, you can forward this blog post too.

Spread this learning session and you will have a buddy to explore this with. I’m sure it’s going to be beneficial for both of you. πŸ™‚

Hope this helps you in these very challenging times.

If you’ve got any questions, just let me know.

In my next content, I’ll send one more nice feature inside the eToro platform.

While our local market is still so elusive for a profit, we continue to find better opportunities elsewhere that are available and accessible.

Keep safe & happy learning.

Omeng Tawid

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