How to Apply Online for COL Financial Account  using your mobile phone ( for OFW too)

How to Apply Online for COL Financial Account using your mobile phone ( for OFW too)

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How to Apply Online for COL Financial Account using your mobile phone ( for OFW too)

Good news!
If you want to start investing in the Philippine stock market but don’t have your trading account yet, you can now apply for your own COL Financial account ONLINE, even using your mobile phone.

Whereas before one would normally print-out COL Financial application forms and send it to COL business center, the newest online sign-up allows every Filipino to complete the application process all online. Even the submission of requirements can be done online too.

This is a much more convenient option if you are an OFW or your schedule simply doesn’t allow you to go to COL Financial office and business centers to submit the forms and requirements.

What are the requirements in COL Financial Online Application

You can open either an individual account, a joint account or an ITF (in-trust-for) account for your minor child. It’s also possible to create multiple accounts (if you’re the one who wants to separate your long-term investments account from your short-term trades.)

All you needed to prepare are the following requirements:

  • One (1) valid government-issued ID
  • Bank details (optional)
  • If employed or self-employed, SSS/GSIS/CRN and TIN
  • Birth certificate (for minors)

After online submission, you simply have to wait for an email containing your reference/account number which you can use for funding and eventually buying your first ever stock.

You can also watch this short video guide on how to accomplish this online sign-up really quick.
Click here >> How to Apply for COL Financial Account Online using your mobile phone.

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Nizcha

    Hi clarify ko lang po I have two questions if for example wala akong bank account Can I still make a trader account online then i’ll fund through online bills payment (gcash) and have a check pick up for withdrawal ?

    2nd po is Pwede po bank yng bank details for credit to bank ko is security bank While I am going to fund using gcash ? Because it seems that it’s not possible to fund using security bank app Thank you.You’re very helpful po. God bless and keep safe!

  2. Anonymous

    Paano po pag at legal age na but i donโ€™t have any TIN, pwede pa rin po ba magapply?

  3. Beirut Robillos

    Ask ko Po paano at Saan mag apply Ng stock market

  4. jCd..

    Hi, Iโ€™m a filipino but currently living in UK, I dont have a bank acct in the philippines,, i used to have one but nag closed na. Is it still possible to open a trading account at COL finance?



  5. Jucil

    Hi po. for withdrawal option if pinili po ung check pick-up, pwede pa po ba sya ichange to credit to bank account in the future once ngkaroon ka nang bank account since today no bank account yet? Thanks

    1. Anonymous

      Yes you can update it inside your account.

  6. sandra

    Does the COL Financial account application require TIN number rin po for unemployed/non-working students?

    1. Omeng Tawid

      no , TIN is not required if unemployed

  7. Elisa Guintu

    Hi po. Pag po ba student pa lang need pa rin po ba ng government issued ID? Thank you.

    1. Anonymous

      You can use your school ID and birth certificate. If still minor below 18 y/o, you will have to open an account with your parent/legal guardian.

  8. esmerlyn bayangan

    pano po kung sa private company nagtatrabaho? walang government issued ID.

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