How do you know if you’re earning in Philippine stock market?

Last updated on September 9th, 2019

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In my last blog, I shared about the three most basic things beginners need to know when buying your first stock in the Philippine stock market. You can access the video tutorial here

In this another video tutorial, I shared how you can monitor the performance of your stock market investment. Using online stockbroker makes this task a lot easy to do since you can do this anywhere and anytime (meaning OFW’s can still do this even abroad).

You’ll also understand the basic jargons in the stock market which you see on your trading platform screen – paper gain, last price, market value and other nosebleed trading terms.

Lastly, you’ll see the potential of how much you can earn in the stock market.
Specifically, I shared in the video how my investment grew 9+% in just two-weeks time).

how i earned 9+% in two weeks time

Hope this helps you jump start in your stock market journey and inspire you to take better control of your financial life.

Have fun investing!
– oMeng Tawid 🙂

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