What is rich wealth if you have poor health?

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The main purpose of investing is growing one’s wealth. But what is wealth if you have poor health?

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I remember last November 2011, I was rushed to Capitol Medical Center, that was days after I had cough, sore throat, and bloatedness, 3-in-1 (parang kape lang). That just my own description since that’s how I exactly felt that time, mukhang simple lang pero di sya biro. Ayaw ko talaga magvisit sa mga hospital, but I explicitly told my mother to accompany me that time. First time in my life.

I initially thought I could recover shortly, but it got worse. It was a Thursday, I forced myself to go to work, pero umuwi na rin ako kagad pagdating sa office. Then I had to extend my leave the next day.

And the sad part of it? I wasn’t able to attend the KerygmaConference2011 (Sat), the Financial WelnessĀ Culminating Activity of our company (Fri) and wedding of my team lead at work (Sat).

I was brought to the hospital sunday evening. I had difficulty in breathing so the first thing done was to measure the oxygen in my blood. The doctor then started asking questions, and made me go Ā through several tests. After some time, the lady nurseĀ came up to me injected consecutively three different doses. Ang nakakainis pa nun, walang pasabi yung nurse kung ano effect nya.

GRABBEE, para kong mababaliw minutes after nyun, pauwi ng bahayĀ  hanggang bago matulog. Nung sinabi ko pa sa nanay ko na “para kong mababaliw, ma” (and I meant it), nagalit pa sya sakin. I tried to eat my dinner, but lalo lang akong nagsuka. I went alone to our bedroom.

It’s funny, during that time, I promised a lot to God,Ā  pagalingin nya lang ako.Ā  gusto kong matulog to force-forget the pain, but napakaactive ng isip ko, tumatakbo pero di mo alam ko ano yung pinaprocess nya..Ā then I read a book under aĀ dim light, just to force my eyes na makatulog. nakatulog naman ako after many attempts, ang weird pa nga ng panaginip ko, end of the world!

anyway, whatĀ really hit me was the time nung nasa emergency pa ko,Ā and you see one other patient just died. you see their family crying, and once again you witness theĀ fragility of life.Ā My eyes was openedĀ toĀ seeĀ again the things that really matter in life. not money, not prestige, not power, not fame,Ā – the things for which we probably spend most of our time.

Sometimes I suggest to friends to visit hospitals, and seeĀ our brothers and sisters in pain, you’ll reallyĀ haveĀ something to ponder on..

IĀ thanked God he gave me that experience, but the same day I promised to take better care of my health..

Happy investing (for your health)!


PS: Tapos magastos pa magkasakit!

Yung officemate ko recently, inabot ng 90k yung bill nung dalhin sa opital yung mother nya. Because of Philhealth, it was reduced to 60k. Still big money for an ordinary employee. Now she’s looking for a health care insurance. Magastos kasi talaga. Tapos stress pa number one kalaban ng generation ngayon. I learned na poor Lifestyle daw madalas ang reason ng mga sakit. Ingat!

PS2: Speaking of taking care of one’s health, they say prevention is better than cure. I’ll be joining Bo Sanchez’ 52 Healing Habits Club anytime soon. You may want to join with me in the subscription and Ā start taking care of your health. You can check the website here.

Membership fee is 497 monthly, but bank deposit for 12-month subscription is 4771.20 only (with 20% discount). If we’re 10 in the group, that’s less than 500 for 52 weeks of Healing Habits eReport. Send me email if you’re interested.

I actually already finished reading his physical book Awaken the Healer in You and listening to its mp3 version. Quite long but very practical and powerful. Ā If you’re free on weekends, tambay lang ako sa Feast QC- Sabado, I can share it with you and see you there.

PS3: You can download ung first habit nya dito, about drinking PURE calamansi juice as everyday morning drink.(kaya mo yon?)

that’s whyĀ am alsoĀ looking for cheaper prices of calamansi, piso isa kasi sa palengke namin.. enjoy reading and taking care of your real wealth!

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