[Important] Earn-at-home Program opening today

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I don’t usually email very early but I just think I need to remind you about the Freelance Movement Tribe Program launch happening later if you are interested in earning online sa bahay.

Quick info for you…

#1: Enrollment opens at 6 am today, June 1 (Philippine Time)

You can check the details here – https://smartpinoyinvestor.com/tribe

#2: For the first 25 people who enroll in full 

John Pagulayan, the brain behind the program, will give you complimentary access to over 59 courses that’ll give you the skills to get started.

No excuse if wala ka pang any  skills to start, because this will cover for your needed training.

This bonus has a real-world value of $4,425 (or ₱221,250) at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Again, these are LIMITED ONLY to the first 25 people who enroll in FULL.

If you notice in the above chat which I got the other day, sobra dami excited to join but they had to wait until this morning.  Now the doors are finally opening.
By the way, If you do choose to use my link above to register, I’ve prepared a special gift for you.

It’s in the P.S. below.

I’m an affiliate in their launch, and I get a commission if you sign-up.
So the gift is my way of saying “thank you” if you do.

But even without it, I believe the program is worth checking out with the life skills you can learn and apply, and ultimately earn with COVID-19 crisis or not.

Also If you have any questions about the program, just hit reply and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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Good morning  🙂

Keep learning,

P.S. Here’s my special gift if you use my link to join.
You get exclusive bonus access to our Investing in the Philippines Private Mastery Group to help you maximize your learning about investing in the stock market. This is a compilation of learning materials you can start with if you want to be serious about stock market investing.

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