Freedom day, One Minute Millionaire and VUL Investment

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Happy Independence Day!

Holidays could be the sweetest words I could hear.
If you’re like me who always have something on the table, every holiday announcement by the government is a lovely music to my ears.
So I took advantage of this holiday and gave myself a good rest. Yeah, I was celebrating Independence Day of the Philippines on my bed, with lot of Z’s going out of my mouth. But before you accuse me of not being patriotic enough, I want to add that I also spent some time reflecting and cherishing the spirit of this celebration before I took that loooong siesta.
I think it’s even more meaningful for our fellow Filipinos who are out of the country.
I know they have been dreaming of a better Philippines, a country that is ready to meet the needs of each and every Filipino.

I’m one of those who regard our OFW as our new heroes in our time.
The pain of leaving your family behind just to give the needs of their family is real. In fact, they are part of the group to whom I dedicated my first financial book – Investing in the Philippine Stock Market for Beginners.
I myself couldn’t even imagine myself working in a province far from my family. How much more difficult it would be for me working in a foreign nation.  Of course, I’m also aware that time will probably come when I have to just do it and I just hope that I would be ready by then. J


One Minute Millionaire

I’m currently reading the book One Minute Millionaire by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.
Yeah, another book to make things easier and clearer for me.  Another investment in knowledge that will pay better returns. And I love the book so much!
I noticed that buying books has been one of my vices. The pattern has been to buy a new book even after I haven’t finished the last book I had bought. HAHA.
The book is basically helping people become an enlightened millionaire one minute at a time.
It’s thrilling to know that every 60 seconds, someone in some part of the world becomes a millionaire. My mind was opened up that indeed, there’s no easier time of getting your first million than now. With the advent of technology specifically of the internet, everyone now has equal reach of getting that millionaire dream real.
To give you some preview on it, its first few pages discuss the two ways of achieving a million dollar dream: the long route and the short route.
The difference between the two is on the method of how you attain that million dollar dream.
The long route is basically saving money each day and letting it accumulate and grow with time. As such, this is the safest and easiest way to your first million dollar.  You can study the chart below:

How the Investment of only one dollar per day grows into $ 1,000,000.

% Interest

Number of years to

grow into A Million Dollars


147 years


100 years


56 years


40 years


32 years

So to become a millionaire in your lifetime, you just need to (1) find an investment that yields at least 10% annually after taxes, and (2) have the discipline to save each day.
Translated to Philippine context, you can become multimillionaire just by saving at 50 pesos per day and having the two requirements above. Isn’t that good news?! J That’s just 1,500 per month!
But that’s the long route. Naturally we want things to be fast, including building your wealth.
So here are the four major ways of becoming a millionaire faster and thus gives you a shorter route.

1.       Investments
2.      Real Estate
3.      Business
4.      Internet

I’ll share with you great insights that I get from that book in related blogposts in the future. But for now, realize that it’s good if we use these four faster routes as a combo tool in our quest for financial freedom.

VUL Investment

Also last Monday, I have applied for a personal insurance plan. It’s a VUL offered by SunLife. VUL means Variable Universal Life. Simply put, VUL is a combination of insurance and investment.

As shared by my friend-agent, the first goal anyone should have is to be safe; then the goal of a comfortable life comes second.
In other words, before one strives to have a comfortable life, one needs to ensure to have a safety net in case something unfortunate happens in your life.
The first goal – to be safe – sounds very simple, yet very few are aware of its utmost significance.
The second – to be comfortable – is something that everyone looks forward to.
You see now what hooked me up with the VUL type of investment. VUL answers those two financial goals: the insurance for the safety net, and the investment for the wealth building part.
Because aside from its insurance protection part, it can also serve as an emergency fund and a retirement fund.
Emergency fund because you can actually get your money back anytime and use it for unforeseen life surprises; and retirement fund because once you’re done with your premiums, then you have the option to keep it there or get it. So it’s also like your giant piggy bank that will help answer your retirement needs.

Personally, I have chosen a 10-year plan with monthly premium of 1.5k.
In case you also want that type of investment, or if you have any other question about it, just leave a comment below and I’ll ask my kind friend to contact you directly. Note that there are several factors in determining the annual premium of a policy. They are, but not limited to, 1. Age 2. The amount of coverage and 3. Smoker or Non-Smoker. It’s important that you start as early as possible because every year you delay means an increase in your monthly premium.  

That’s all for now!
As you continue to cherish the national freedom we have now, don’t forget to also work your way to your financial freedom day!
Hope you enjoyed your holiday!
Have fun and millions investing!
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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PS3: June 12 1898 is our independence day. When do you plan to set your financial freedom day? Yes, you need to add time element to your goals. A deadline draws the line between a mere dream to a committed plan. I’ll share mine in my future posts – My 33 Year-Old Challenge! 
PS4: What happens after achieving your second goal of a comfortable life? Here’s the third more fulfilling challenge you can give to yourself – be rich and affluent. Why stop being comfortable? Why not help others and bless them with your wealth? Why stop the flow of abundance in your life? Why not help them attain the same thing through your service so that there’ll be more blessors on this planet? It’s the ripple effect. That’s a perfect goal since having that money freedom removes all the pressures that can possibly hamper you in your ultimate mission. You are free to risk. You have all the means in expanding your sense of who you really are. When this happens, imagine the tremendous difference you can make. Imagine the better world the next generation would have because of you. Now that’s the real wealth – it’s yourself.

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  1. hi! i am 19 years old, single and on-the-Job trainee, i just want to put my allowance from the company where i am working for in a useful way. plus i am accountable with my father’s salary since he is working abroad and i want to save a little from his salary since he told me so. is VUL suits for me?

  2. Hi Vanessa, there are documents that you need to be signed so I advise that you apply once you're here in PH

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