Free Downloads for Beginners Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

(If you want a quick guide for beginners how to start investing in the Philippine stock market, you can download your free ebook here.)

Free Downloads for Beginners Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

Hi (future) millionaire,
I just actually came from a very mini-concert to which I was invited with some chit-chats after with two college friends this very early morning; and thought of dropping you a brief  note.
Yes, am writing this post with no sleep yet.
But before I go to my bed, just want to ask your help in spreading the value of financial literacy in our country.

In the aspect of investing in the Philippine stock market, I believe the book of our dear friend Bo Sanchez My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… and Why You Should, Too! Is the best way to introduce the world of stocks investing to them.

If you have the same eagerness to help others achieve their financial freedom through the Philippine stock market, then just share this blog with them.
Feel free to share also the book which can be found here.
In case they see the great potential of investing in the stock market, then also share this stocks investing book for beginners with them.

That’s it, just a sweet request! For your friends and loved ones!
Good night  morning!

PS: Just a short segway, right now I’m still amazed on how vibrant our present youth and young professionals are in the mini-concert I attended. That was my first time to attend such an event and  I saw many people in the room, some my age  and older, who, I think, are really desperate in identifying themselves and looking for something they can associate themselves with.
Why did I say desperate? Because I witnessed personally their perseverance while waiting hours in that small confined room just to hear their favorite band in less than half an hour! Everyone’s sweat glands were tested as the whole crowd tried to fit itself in that tiny café-bar totally making the room like a sauna cubicle. I suppose they wouldn’t like that kind of set-up if not for their desire to see personally their favorite band. Talk about passion?!


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1 thought on “Free Downloads for Beginners Investing in the Philippine Stock Market”

  1. I think we Filipinos love more music than a love to investing. This is what I experienced in a small community I living, people love more in feasting like birthdays and little drinks around. That's it, the real Pinoys. We are a fun loving people, never tomorrow. Tomorrow has its own to think. Enjoy for today, "for life is too short" wika ng isa kong kapitbahay. Why care for tomorrow, when today's life is too short to enjoy. "Bahala na" ito ang bukang bibig nating mga Pinoy.

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