Four Investment Lessons Disasters can Teach Us

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Disaster again!

Monsoons, typhoons, tropical storms.

This impacts everyone. Nobody is exempted.

Classes are suspended.

Government and private offices are closed!

Philippine Stock Exchange is also forced to suspend its trading day.

But is this really new?

Photo by Manman Dejeto
Photo by Manman Dejeto

History has shown us that this has been one of our problems. The only sad fact is that this condition only gets worse through time.

But we can also take this as a learning opportunity rather than as a mere uncontrollable disaster.

It can teach us some simple yet practical lessons on investments.

1. Invest for your protection

2. Invest when it seems not needed

3. Invest in what really matters

4. Invest in others


1. Invest for your protection.

You donโ€™t know when these events will strike you. A safety net help you feel more at peace in times like this.

Sure, nobody can control a strong super typhoon, but we definitely have a say on the way we make our preparation and handle its effects.

circulating photo at facebook
circulating photo in facebook

When it comes to financial consequences, insurance products are designed to help you recover from real threats such as this – on your property or on one’s life.

Talk to your financial advisor to plan it well in advance.

2. Invest even when it seems not needed

Fix the roof while the sun is up.

Always be ready for your emergency fund.

This should be always replenished and increased after every emergency.

Also don’t just put all your emergency funds in your favorite bank.

Have some cash worth at least a week’s expenses at your home readily accessible to you when everything comes to worst andย  ATMs and bank terminals all go offline.

This emergency fund will also help you recover as you make your efforts to repair the damages to your homes and properties.

This becomes more critical when your source of income (crops, livestock etc) is also affected by the disaster.

Preparation is the key.

3. Invest in what really matters

Times like this make us think about the things that really matter to us.

They are not things.

They are the people we are left with in every challenging time such as this.

4. Lastly, invest in others.ย 

Once you find yourself and your family secured, it’s a good time to extend help to others still struggling. Or take part and give your time as volunteers in relief operations.

We Filipinos can still prove that our very own Bayanihan spirit is still alive until now.

I believe that if you think of others and not just of your own, God will be the one to keep you.

Photo by: Marianne Bermudez / Philippine Daily Inquirer

Itโ€™s very difficult to impart positive vibes when all you see are people stranded, homes vanished and livelihood taken, but there must be some reason why God tells us to rejoice always. These are great times when our faith is tested, our character molded, and when we realize where our real treasure is.

After all, when all the rain has been poured down, the sun will surely shine and give us a clear sky once again, a new faith and a new hope, with a new or even better perspective in life.

Keep safe at all times,

– oMeng Tawid

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  1. Marcelino N. Dados

    Tama nga po na paulit ulit na lang ang ganitong scenario nakakalungkot lang na majority pa rin sa mga tao na ang attitude palagi ay bahala na si Bathala o si Batman… Hayzzz… The worst thing is palala lalo into ng palala in the next few years to come, kaya walang ibang sandata talaga ang pagiging handa at laging pag igihin ito year after year, after all wala rin namang ibang tutulong sa atin kundi ang sarili natin…

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