Follow the Greatest Investor – A Christmas Special Post =))

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Because Christmas is such a special occasion dearest to me, this blog won’t be complete without a Christmas special post.

So today I’ll try to squeeze my brain and filter all the alcohol that penetrated it these past few weeks days.

Do you still remember one highlight post of this blog?
Yup, it’s the Peso Cost Averaging technique.

It’s an easy way of investing almost everyone can do it.

With the method, we simply set aside a small fixed portion of our money and invest it in our companies consistently for a long period of time.

And do you know the painful part of it?

It’s the phrase “consistently for a long period of time”.

It’s the fact that we keep investing in our companies… even when they are down.

While many will go away from stocks with declining price, we’re like bargain shoppers in times when market is all red – we stick with our carefully chosen strong stocks and pick-up their scattered pieces at cheap prices through time.

We believe that it’s when we buy, and not when we sell, that we actually make money.

We invest in it despite its bad picture at the present because we still hold and  believe its greatest value remaining to be unleashed.

We believe that in the long run, these companies whose shares are being played around and avoided by other players will serve as our holy cow in the future.

We focus not on their history but keep our eyes on their future value.

Interestingly, it’s the same method the greatest investor has done!

No, I’m not talking about Warren Buffet. (Though he undeniably used the same method which brought him to the rich guy he’s now.)

I’m talking about the subject of our celebration today – the greatest investment ever done in history – the entry to the world of God through baby Jesus Christ.

I will forever be amazed of the kind of love He’s shown.
He’s created everything in place, but He in His divine holiness has chosen to dwell with us sinners. He has chosen to be one of us, and in so doing, He has made that move of relating with us more, bringing God closer to humanity.

And sometimes there’s just no greater way of showing one’s love but to be with the beloved in their midst.

Why did He do that?  That I need to ask our parish priest more.

But are we worth it? Do we deserve such a gift?

Of  course not, but still, He slipped over that fact, and chose to forgive us even before we actually repented.

He has invested in us even when we’re down, even when we clearly can’t earn it.

It was a priceless investment sacrificing the blood of His Son.

Dreaming of becoming a father myself, I have the hint on how it could be possibly very painful to make such a decision.

And I think it’s all because He believes in us, or better yet, He continues to believe in us, despite all our stains and blemishes.

Specifically, He believes in what we can become in the future, regardless of our messy and chaotic history.

His eyes are intact with our future selves.
He didn’t judge us right away.
He took the initiative and made the first step.

He didn’t need to wait that we become the greatest of ourselves first before deciding to pick us up again.

“While we were yet sinners Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8).

Had he waited for our repentance, we would never have repented.

He first loved us, that we can do nothing but to propagate that love to others.

His divine love simply caught us short.

And when we’re loved in such a way, that’s where we start to want to have real change.

Jesus is not the reason of Christmas (it’s YOU)

Other people may have played around you in the past.
They left you at a time when you needed them most.

They avoided you believing they can get nothing from you.

That it’s such a waste of time and energy just considering whether you’re worth their attention.

You just can’t seem an attractive buy for them.

They’re very limited by the value they see in you at the present. They forgot that you can grow in time.

It’s okay.
It definitely hurts. Just feel the pain.
But in times like those, always remember that the greatest investment was especially made for you. It was because of you that Christmas began! Feel the hurt, but also learn to feel the startling love of God.

May this Christmas season remind us of the greatest investment ever done two millenniums ago, when God decided to be one of us, to earn back what was lost from Him  – His beloved sons and daughters He’s been waiting for so long time.



This has been an amazing year and I have so much to be thankful for, and you and your support are right thereat the top of that list.


I hope and pray for  all of us an amazing 2015, and I wish you and your family a meaningful and joyful holiday season!

Let’s always open ourselves to His abundant blessings and ready our hands to share them to those in need.

Have fun investing (for eternity!)

– oMeng

PS: Do you know that God plays favorites? When baby Christ was born, he let the shepherds see Him first, before anyone else.

Shepherds at the time of Jesus, according to the homily yesterday, were regarded as sinners by many. Goes to show in whom God’s favor rests! Merry Christmas my friend!

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