Trading on the Go with First Metro Securities Mobile App

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One primary requirement for one to invest in the Philippine stock market is to have a trading account.

For ordinary retail investors, online trading is our default option as compared to having a live stockbroker. This way, we can initiate and monitor all our transactions using our mobile gadgets anytime, anywhere.

Fortunately, opening an online trading account in the Philippines is an easy process very similar to opening a bank account. Another good thing is, as compared to 5 -10 years ago, there are now options to do this trading account opening application also online.

That means no more need to go to their branch or submit printed-out application forms.

This is a convenient option for busy individuals who can only do all trading activities during weekends or after a day of office work.

FMS Go MobileTrading App

In this blog post, I share the mobile trading app by online stock brokerage First Metro Securities FMS GO.

With their intuitive user interface and easy to navigate screen, this app is a big help for all busy people who simply want to make their money work for them through stocks investing yet also want the ability to buy and sell stocks on the go.

You can watch the video here.

Some of the features I like most inside the app are stock charts, consolidated portfolio, and multiple watchlists.

If you don’t have an account yet in First Metro Securities, just check their website for the easy application steps.

For those already in the market for some time – what features would you want your brokers to have?

What improvement do you suggest your existing stockbroker can add?

In my next blog, I’ll share another great feature inside First Metro Securities which is using “Conditional Order”.

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