Are you in? Free Financial Basics Seminar (+ coaching)

(If you want a quick guide for beginners how to start investing in the Philippine stock market, you can download yourΒ free ebook here.)

Looking for a venue where you can learn more on personal finance and investments?

IMG offices around the globe now hold basics of financial literacy + investments seminar open for everyone!

The good thing is that this seminar is totally free to the public and offered with totally no obligation.

Unlike other seminars out there, its topics are really practical to the point that you can apply it right after the session (like in the way you save, invest, increase you income, settle utang, etc) so I suggest that you take advantage of the free learning. Some pay a lot just to hear a similar talk.

My only problem is that since you get this free, you might not have the drive to apply the lessons in your life … which will be really sad.

This is unlike the case when one gets serious in the application of the learning because of the learning investments aka seminar fee paid by the person.

I hope you’ll apply even just one realization you’ll have in case you’d be attending this. One change in your financial practices may start the big chain of improvements in your quest for financial security. If di naman, might as well skip this session and leave the seat available to those ready to have better financial life.

But if you’re IN, I suggest that you bring your friends so they also get the chance to learn with you. That way, you can exchange notes after and discuss even more. Para matanggal din ang hiya (toxic shame) you may have. This is also very ideal for couples so bring your spouse if you can. I’m sure lives of families will have drastic improvement if family heads will apply even just some ideas from here.

Other higher series trainings are also free but are open to IMG members only.

If you’re interested to attend, just email me >> so you’ll receive right away the next steps for this. Or simply sign-up below

Sign-up for free seminar on personal finance basics and investment strategies

That’s it, just a quick note for you.

Never stop learning… and earning!

Have fun investing,

PS: Bro Bo Sanchez has also learned lessons from IMG. And look where he’s now, blessing more & more people.

β€œI recommend that you attend these meetings and seminars because you will learn how to grow your finances, how to become financially free, and how to solve your financial problems. You’ll learn it step by step, and so much more.” – Bro Bo Sanchez

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